Soccer readies for another season

With the soccer season quickly coming up, the teams are preparing to tackle this year head on and kick it off just right.

With the weather slowly getting better, the soccer season is getting ready to begin, with the first game Mar. 18 at home, so the players are having to get ready.

“Right now we’ve mainly doing conditioning type training, like long distance, sprints, stairs, and weight room,” sophomore Mara Parker said.

The game is always progressing and changing, and so is the team. The team has been practicing and conditioning indoors since the end of last season preparing for this upcoming season.

“We have been preparing since last season finished. We compete in a Summer League, we do off season conditioning and strength training in both the summer and winter, and we also participate in an indoor league during the winter season,” girls varsity head coach Sara Fjell said.

In athletics, one of the things to being successful is having a bond with the team. If a team is constantly fighting at practice and off the field, that will transfer onto the field and will cause issues.

“A lot of our players are friends on and off the field, and also participate in other activities and sports with each other. They all have a similar passion for getting better each time we are on the field and at practice and are good motivators for each other,” Fjell said.

As Bellevue East soccer fans, they are always ready to see the changes and new things coach Fjell has implemented and what it will do for the team. Also exciting is the “returning 10 of our 11 starters from last season,” Fjell said. The team will be looking to just continue their development as a team instead of having to rebuild new players and put them into the lineup with little experience.

“Our fans should expect improvement all over the field. WIth so many girls coming back, and with the addition of some pretty talented kids, we have the potential to almost double our wins this season,” Fjell said.

The boys team has also been undergoing some changes as well. The team has had three coaches over the past year: Jeremy Lenz, Daniel Vasquez Gutierrez, and currently Luis Vasquesz. Through it all, the team has stuck together through it all.

“So far the team has improved on communication. We have been practicing and playing individually together where we do drills where we recreate scenarios from previous games,” sophomore player Hamza Mberwa said.