Movie Reviews

Kaylee Halpain, Graphics Arts Designer/Photographer

All my fellow students and fellow movies buffs, 

I know it’s hard with all that is going on in the world (better known as COVID-19). But fear not, for I have a solution! Currently a few of the movie theaters around Omaha have opened their doors, one of them being Bellevue’s own Marcus Twin Creek Cinema.

When the coronavirus first hit I was devastated. I wanted to go to the movies at least once. So when I heard about how the movies had reopened, I was ecstatic. As an enthusiast on all things cinema, I decided to go see “The New Mutants.” 

Now before you say anything, just let me clarify, Marcus theaters have taken extra precautions to keep their customers happy and healthy, including but not limited to, having Plexiglas in between the customer and employees. There is an employee at the soda fountain to give a cup to a customer to replace the old when they want a refill, and they have the chairs separated, unless you’re with someone else, then you could sit with them since some of the chairs are seated in pairs. They also have a strip over each chair to tell you it’s clean, so all you need is to remove that strip and enjoy the movie.  Last but not least, Marcus theaters does require that you wear a mask, unless you are actively eating or drinking.  

Now onto the best part, the MOVIE, and of course, no spoilers. The movie itself is about this girl who’s taken into an institution after a terrible accident where there are these other mutants there that try to escape after they found out something bad about the place they are at.  The movie is pretty good. I give “The New Mutants’’ a good 8/10; however, it does feel a little rushed and there were a few questions that weren’t answered, but other than that it was a great movie. I recommend you watch it. And I’m not saying everyone should go at the same time, but I do recommend at one point, if you do feel safe enough, to go watch a movie at least one time.