Klaus: A movie review By Faith Webb

With December being a month full of tradition and cold weather, there is nothing better than snuggling up on the couch and watching a good Christmas movie. Usually my family gathers around and picks a holiday movie, or goes and sees house lights, like little moths, on Christmas Eve

“Klaus”, directed by Sergio Pablos, was released in November of 2019. It has a PG rating which I think is fair given some of the humor. It is also only 1 hour and 30 minutes long which I think is reasonable since it is intended to be a movie for children with short attention spans.

The movie “Klaus” focuses on the protagonist Jesper and his “quest” of sorts to be a successful postman for a town that has had previous and unsuccessful attempts. Jesper meets and makes friends with a woodsmen, known as Klaus. Klaus and Jesper bring toys to the children in the town. With that Jesper changes the town for the better without even really realising it.

“Klaus” is a movie that shows friendship, hard work, and massive character development. The movie is about how Christmas or Santa Klaus tradition or legend began. With playful hijinks, heartfelt moments, and a feud between salty old people I give this movie an 8.5/10. 

I know that the target audience is children, which makes some instances over dramaticized instances or have “in your face” humor. The movie had some moments that made me more or less want to scream “ communications skills”, but overall the movie is pretty good. The dialogue has some golden and funny moments along with some depth to the main characters.

I really did enjoy this movie. I found it light hearted and a part of me could connect myself with some of the characters. The story may have some basic aspects of a run of the mill kids movie, but to me, it has its own charm. Plus the movie was easy to get into and watch, call it what you want but i was easily sucked in.

“Klaus”, even though in the movie it’s said weird, brings a seemingly new aspect to more “classic” Christmas movies, and I feel like since it isn’t like most Christmas movies that revolve around Santa, it was a breath of fresh air. 

With most movies around Santa Claus, it’s more over just a copy and paste with similar plots or problems. “Klaus” didn’t really have the stereotypical Santa Claus type of problems or stories, which made it way more enjoyable to me.

Personally I completely recommend this movie. The art and character design and their personalities don’t seem all too fake. Even though it has aspects that make it a movie targeted towards kids, I still enjoyed the humor and story. Call me a kid at heart but “Klaus” was entertaining and the message is wholesome.

So during this cold weird season if you have netflix, watch it. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a kids movie.