Jalyn Souchek By Rylee Craig

Jalyn Souchek By Rylee Craig

Jalyn Souchek graduated from Bellevue East in 2011. In high school she participated in multiple extracurriculars. She was a reporter for the newspaper and was on the yearbook staff, she eventually became Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook her senior year. Souchek was also active in DECA. 

     “Attending East was an overall great time in my life. We had such a big tight knit group of friends who I still text daily ,” Souchek said. 

     Soucheck attended the University of Iowa. There she majored in Journalism and Mass communications with a minor in Sports Studies. Currently, Souchek is a morning news reporter for WATN, which is an ABC-affiliate station in Memphis, Tennessee. Souchek said her job involves a lot of early mornings. She usually wakes up around 3 A.M. and has to do a lot of live reporting. 

     “I’ve always had an interest in journalism and storytelling. I made my first newspaper for my classmates in sixth grade. I’m a really visual person and reporting on stories for TV always made the most sense when I was exploring journalism in college,” Souchek said. 

      Recently, Souchek has been covering lots of stories on COVID-19, as well as general news. Souchek says the best part about being a morning news reporter is often the stories she covers are more lighthearted and fun. 

     “ I love to talk to people. It’s always been a problem. Every report card growing up had a comment about my habit of speaking too much. I feel like talking for a living was the natural choice! I love being involved in my community and being a TV reporter lets me see every aspect of it,” Souchek said.