Juniors off campus lunch By Kaylee Halpain

To all my fellow students, and especially juniors.

This topic has been here for a while,and since i’m a junior as well  so I decided to write about it. As you know, seniors get to leave camps and go get something to eat. But what about the juniors? I don’t know about you, but I would love to go out get some fresh air and get something nice to eat, and It’s my personal opinion that juniors should be able to go get food off campus. Before you say anything, I just want to point some things out.

First off, as you already know, the CDC has written about how the coronavirus spreads. They have stated that by just breathing you can spread the virus as well as even be infected by the virus even when you are 6 feet apart. Which basically means that you are at more of a risk when you are at the school cafeterias. Now before you become worried, Bellevue East puts their students and staff’s health as their top priority, but I wanted to shine light on the fact that there are still risks. I just felt the need to point out that it would be safer for the whole school for the juniors to go out to eat.

Second off, I would like to talk about the cafeteria itself. Now I can’t be the only one who hates it when there’s a long line and when you finally get your food you only have a limited amount of time to eat it. By allowing the juniors to go off campus you shorten the lines and give extra time to the other students. And like I said before, even being 6 ft apart there are still risks, but by letting the juniors eat out you lessen the threat of spread in the cafeteria. I would like to also point that by letting juniors go out to eat, you give more room in not only the cafeteria, but the senior commons as well. 

And so it’s with utmost urgency that this is read because even though there are some juniors that can’t drive, it would still absolutely help with the student body health and overall student experience for the school.