Patty Cambell By Amsley Willers


Patty Cambel went to Bellevue East 10-12 grade. She started at Bellevue East when she wasn’t in 9th grade in high school. But her senior year is when the first 9th graders went to high school. Patty’s senior year was 1990-1991.

“We didn’t have air conditioning Science was on the 3rd floor and Math was on the first. It was a great experience.”

Patty was part of the Bellvedette dancers as well as the band and choir programs. She also was in the musicals at Bellevue east. Being part of the Bellvedette and Band were some of her favorite memories from high school.

“The Summer before my 10th grade I had the opportunity to go on a 2 week band trip covering most of the midwest and into Canada.”

Patty Cambell went to UNK (University of Nebraska at Kearney) to get her undergrad. She double majored in Elementary Education and Special Education. From then she went on and got her Masters at UNO in Learning Disabilities and Resource Teaching, she finished college with her second Masters from Doane in administration.

As of right now Patty works at Bellevue East with AHLP. She works with students in their english classes. She works with all grades 9th-10th on college things. She is also a facilitator for the ASVAB test. She also helps students do mock interview fairs. Next year she wants to be back working in the Career Center to help with all students and also work on growing the Bellevue East Internship program.