Covid Jobs By Jacob Kriewald

When covid arrived in march of 2020, nobody knew what to expect, especially whether or not they would have a job. Students are one of the demographics that covid affect employment.

Most students today want their own source of income and in a world where the corona virus controls how things are run, this can be a difficult task.

“Getting a job during this “pandemic” was quite difficult. All of the red tape was very difficult to get through but thankfully God has blessed me with a job at menards,” said junior Gage Higgs.

The pandemic has affected a lot of people and one of the more common problems was unemployment. When covid regulations were put in place, it caused some businesses to lay off employees which led them to look for jobs that are normally occupied by teenagers.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics,in The Economics Daily, In March 2020, unemployment rates were higher than a year earlier in 253 of the nation’s 389 metropolitan areas, lower in 123 areas, and unchanged in 13 areas. Among the metropolitan areas where unemployment increased over the year, there were 118 increases of at least 1.0 percentage point.

Putting in the application is the easy portion, getting an interview and possibly the job is the difficult part.

“I had to go through several different businesses before I finally found one willing to accept me. It was really tough to find a job that allowed me to stay active and enjoy what I was doing.” said senior Aden Perry.

If you are interested in getting a job representatives in the school such as Micheal Chudomelka are available to help.

“If you are asking if Bellevue East staff assist students in gaining employment . . . we do not have a program or service that is applied to every student.  Certainly, students speak with their guidance counselor from time to time about obtaining a job.  We do have companies advertise their employment opportunities on a very limited basis.  We do share this information with students that have expressed interest in obtaining a job” Counselor Micheal Chudomelka