Students return to school By Amsley Willers

Covid 19 has changed school for many students this year. Students had the choice to do online school instead of coming to in person school. The first semester is when we had people who chose to do online schooling from their houses instead of coming to school face to face. Most of those students have come back to in person school. That is around 70 students. The only students that are doing online classes for second semester are students that have to be online schooled.

Coming back to in person school from online is hard and challenging because they are  two very different types of learning how to do school. People who have come back have had a bit of a bumpy time getting back into the swing of things. Not everything has been hard for the students coming back because the help from the teachers has been good for those who need it.

Senior Victorya Ramsey chose to do Acellus first semester, but has decided to return to in-person for second.She felt that when she was at home doing online school that it didn’t feel as if it was her senior year.

“It has impacted it because for online school we couldn’t go to our last football games or any sports and it didn’t feel like a senior year online” Ramsey said

Doing Online school you have to do a set amount of work for each day to complete and you have a certain amount of hours you are supposed to be working on your work each day. The online school part tracks the amount of hours that you are in the school and how long and how much work you have done. Online school you are kinda like your own teacher because there is not someone there to be teaching you. For in school there are teachers who can help you with work. You get to see your friends and interact with people. 

Online school is harder because you have to teach yourself and you have to have motivation.” Ramsey said 

For some students it was hard doing online school and they didn’t like the self paced curriculum. Other students it was easy because they didn’t have much work to do. Sophomore Tim Peoples was also a student who did online school for his first semester. He feels that doing online school was easy because he didn’t have much to do. He didn’t have to wake up early and Peoples didn’t have lots of homework to do. But now that he is doing in school it is hard to switch because he didn’t learn much from online.

“ I forgot pretty much everything I learned from online school” Peoples said