Coming back to school By Faith Webb

A break feels well deserved to most after all the testing, learning, and social interaction school brings and puts onto students and staff. With the mental and physical break from school, a good amount of students and staff can find it hard to get back into the groove of school.

Students can struggle with getting back into school. It can be hard to get back into the old norms of school for a good amount of people. Senior Sebastiano Jennings, is a student that struggles with coming back from break.

Trying to re-adjust to the bustle of school almost feels like whiplash. You go from no educational responsibility to practically drowning in it. Not here for it,” Jennings said.

 With break it’s not all bad, some people enjoy coming back from the split from school. Senior Georgia West, knows what she personally struggles with when coming back to school.

Cons: waking up early and homework. Pros: getting to see friends, and I always feel more fulfilled after a full day of school,: like I really worked hard and had a productive day,” West said.

With the pros and cons, still coming back from break can be unenjoyable to many. Some feel added stress and getting back into the swing of things isn’t easy. The feeling of coming back can be bittersweet to many.

“Cooking in an un air-conditioned kitchen was more enjoyable than this,” Jennings said about how it feels for him to get back into the school schedule. 

Teachers as well as students can struggle with going back to school. Some teachers find it harder or easier to come back. Instructor Nathanael Hindman, works with students and has his own opinions on what’s easier and harder about coming back to school.

“I feel like it’s a mix of both. Harder is that I feel like there’s more adaptation I have to do to prepare because I can’t just copy and paste everything I did the year  before. So in that regard it’s harder, but that means I’m having to look and think about everything I’m doing, which makes me more prepared. It’s a mix of both.” Hindman said.

Since the recent pandemic, lives of both students and teachers have been changed. With that being said, the pandemic changes everything for the safety of others, which includes coming back from break.

I think it’s harder, especially with everything pretty accessible online, I find it really easy to stay home and just do my work from here. It makes me less motivated to go in, especially with all of the protocol changes,” West said.

The pandemic has made things hard for both staff and students. Sure, teachers may experience some other struggles that students do not, but the struggle goes both ways.

“ I think breaks are a great thing  for teachers and for students. It allows kind of a, at least from my teacher’s perspective, it allows us to kind of relax, recenter, refocus on things. We also have a little time to think about stuff, make changes that we need to. For kids, it gives them a nice brain break, where you don’t necessarily think about stuff, you can just enjoy life, and do what you wanna do,” Hindman said.