Tango through the tears By Faith Webb

Mental health is something people have been giving more attention lately. With all of COVID-19 busting down the doors, some have taken this pandemic time better than others. So what’s better than a few tips on how to stay somewhat mentally stable through this trying time?

In an article that was published by the Mind for better Mental Health Organization, they stated, “Good mental wellbeing doesn’t mean you’re always happy or unaffected by your experiences. But poor mental wellbeing can make it more difficult to cope with daily life,”.

The Help Guide Organization says mental health influences how a person acts in day to life. It is hard for some people to reach out for help, especially in an environment like school. Danielle Garrison, the CRCC Wellness Counselor for Bellevue East, has her own recommendations for staying mentally well.

Personally I take a walk or do a new 5k, that is something that I have picked back up on recently.  I spend time reading for fun, talking with friends, exercising and utilizing meditation techniques to calm the mind/body,” Garrison said. 

The Mind for better Mental Health Organization says that good mental health doesn’t always mean someone is happy. With that in mind it is also good to have a creative outlet. Senior Sebastiano Jennings,has his own ways of relaxing mentally.

“To relax from everything, I like music,  love everything music. I’ll play piano, I’ll sing it, I’ll listen to it, I’ll create it, or just creating in general I suppose. Sometimes doing just laundry feels better than doing anything relating to school. Or even like in AP art, I’ll take something that needs to be glazed and sit there for a few hours and glaze it because it is relaxing,” Jennings said.

To students, school can be a major stress. The Mind for better Mental Health Organization states that it’s important to have a way to relax and give yourself a break. 

A large contributor to good mental health is your support system and communication.  Having people there for you and being able to communicate your needs to them so you feel heard and understood,” Garrison said.

More education on managing mental health and finding sources to help people has a positive impact on the community. It allows some calmness to the labyrinth that is known as life. 

It is going to get difficult but you will make it, I promise,” Jennings said.