Dress code By Cora Bennett

The debate over the dress code is a decade long debate. Is it really necessary? Is it sexist? Does it have racist ties? These questions come up often in conversations surrounding the dress code. 

The dress code was first implemented to help prevent distractions, and to promote a workplace-like environment. Except it does neither of these things. The Bellevue Public schools district has one dress code that is intended for elementary, middle, and high school. This is a completely  unrealistic standard. It is ridiculous to have the same standards of dress for a child in kindergarten, that is being dressed by their parents, to dress the same way as a Senior that is about to be an adult. 

 The handbook states, “articles of clothing which could be viewed as revealing are prohibited. Example: Tank tops/shirts with spaghetti straps, see-through clothing, bare midriffs, sagging pants, and shorts or skirts that are extremely short.” While the dress code does not specifically single out females, it could not be more obvious that these restrictions are geared towards them. These restrictions are nothing more than the district upholding the idea that “boys will be boys”, and that girls need to change themselves in order to make the boys more comfortable. Because apparently the sight of a stomach is enough to distract them. When a girl has 

Honestly in this day and age, nobody really cares. Students have so much that is going on in their lives, seeing someone’s stomach is not gonna hinder their learning. The last thing we are worried about is if a person’s shoulders or bra straps are showing. 

Articles displaying products that are illegal for students to use. This rule is understandable for the younger ages, but at the high school level everyone knows what drugs and weapons are. Although it is understandable to regulate this, it is pretty pointless.