Coming to an end; fall sports wrap up

Caden Munderloh Web Editor

Never give up. Freshman Aiden Lindensmith and senior Thomas Gleason work to complete a run for cross country. Lindensmith believes that cross country is a great way to prepare for track. “Cross country is a good spot for conditioning and it can prepare you for stuff like track. I’ve been doing cross country since middle school so I can do track well,” Lindensmith said.
Photo by Emma O’Brien
Crowd goes silent. Waiting for the pitch, senior Zoe Keene, bats for the Bellevue East varsity softball team. Keene said the team has done really well this season, but even in win or loss the team remains optimistic. “We have a lot of different people in a lot of different positions and I feel we all did amazing at executing what we needed to do,” Keene said. Photo by Neila Mustard

Now that the fall sports season for Bellevue East is coming to an end it’s time to look back at how football, softball, and cross country played. Despite the outcome, each and every one of our teams has so much room to grow and improve before their next season.

Without further ado, Bellevue East varsity football played 4-5 this season with a 44% win rate placing 5th in our district according to Maxpreps. The real reason the team has been doing well this season is because of their outstanding teamwork and how much the players push themselves and each other to do their very best in training and on the field. With how much the team has improved from the previous, season I have no doubt that they will continue to improve and show the same or more of their dedication and hard work in future seasons.

“We’ve played a lot of good teams, and one thing the coaches have brought up to me is how hard our kids play and how hard they work. Bellevue East kids have brought that hard work energy week in and week out every single game this season and every time we get done playing a game, coaches come over and tell me how hard they have played,” varsity head football coach Aaron Thumann said. “Does it go perfect every time? No, but they’re great listeners and great learners.”

The East softball team went 13-17 this season, according to Maxpreps. Communication is a very important part of softball, but the team struggled at times with lack of communication. However, their ability to perform on the field was an area of strength, which will benefit them next season. 

“The team could definitely improve on communication, but overall we did really well at fielding, knowing where to go, and hitting was decent as well,” sophomore Gabby Dill said.

Teamwork makes the dream work could never be more true than in our cross-country team during this fall season. Cross country is a sport about running, this could be running as a group or running for a personal time, but overall it focuses on fitness and endurance. But what is most important is building a community within the cross-country team to help each other improve and work harder. Friendly competition is important in cross country teammates to push each other to work harder along with helping bring their community closer together.

 “This season we had really good outcomes even though we have a smaller team than usual. The students have been having regular growth in their times as well as performance. They are doing very well at being ambitious and self-monitoring what they need in order to be the most successful runner they can be,” cross county coach Conner Mazzei said. 

Bellevue East sports have a promising future full of improvement waiting for them. How they are each doing now is important, but what our young athletes have proven this year is that they have a lot of potential as teams and as individuals especially with the amount of work they put in each season. 

“They really brought in to what we want to do with the program and I would say that especially in this senior group and the kids underneath have done a really great job setting the foundation for the future,” Thumann said.