Classes battle in volleyball

Hayley Gassick Features Editor and Elijah Carrera Editor in Chief

In the senior versus the juniors, senior JJ Ball reacts to the referee’s call in the Sophomore Class Volleyball Powderpuff tournament Dec. 14. “It was fun to play a different sport, do something new with all my buddies, my friends,” Ball said. “I recommend going out and trying something new. It was really fun.”

Junior, senior, sophomore, and freshmen boys were brought together Dec. 14, 2022. to compete in an event dubbed the Sophomore Class Volleyball Powederpuff Tournament. Sophomore class sponsor Susan Jones thought this would be a fun activity for the whole school to watch and a way to let more people try volleyball. 

The tournament began with freshman playing sophomores and juniors

playing seniors. Seniors and sophomores had a jump start, according to Jones. 

The freshmen and junior teams lost the first round and were placed in the loser’s bracket. The juniors were able to stomp out the underclassmen in the second round. 

 “I was surprised; I was also really surprised that it was such a close game with the freshmen, I thought we were going to beat them a little better,” junior Nick Johnson said.

After a first set loss with the seniors, the sophomores were able to come back and take the gold.

“Beating the seniors and winning was an absolute blast. My heart stopped on the last serve, but getting the point was so satisfying and a lot of fun,” sophomore Liam Zarp said.

Volleyball is a sport that only has a girls team in Nebraska, and so boys do not traditionally play.  The attendees had to pay $5 to watch and $3 to play. Proceeds went to the sophomore class. 

“My favorite thing about the tournament was just getting to play a sport that is typically unavailable for me to play. The environment was great,” Tracy said.

The game brought out happy emotions and even anxiety. Zarp experienced this to the fullest. 

“Being on the team was amazing, but participating in the tournament was a whole different story. The rush of complete happiness of scoring points and working as a team while also feeling a little worried about losing,” Zarp said.