A day in the life of student aides

Rylee Craig Editor in Cheif

Whether it is for a teacher or one of the offices, a student aide’s duties can vary, however some people might not even know exactly what those duties are. This is the life of a student aide. 

Counseling secretary Malinda Hadley said that student aides are the backbone of all of the offices. 

“They seriously help with everything. Not only do they run passes, they help us alphabetize, stuff envelopes, put up fliers, help promote, give us insight on how the student body sees things, and mentor other students, they do it all,” Hadley said. 

The counseling office is a very busy place, and is one of the more known locations in the school for students to aid. Hadley said that in the counseling office they run a lot of passes, and if they didn’t have student aide’s help getting paperwork and passes to where they are needed, a lot of kids would be out of luck when they need help. 

“You know the old saying, a lot of hands make light work. Without them things would not be getting done. Plus I would be running passes and we all know Hadley hates running passes,” Hadley said. 

Similar to the counseling office, the dean’s office also needs lots of hands to help make their work lighter. Senior Madi DeMeo is one of the student aides for the deans. Her day to day run down also usually includes running passes for the deans, as well as helping them or other teachers and staff in need with tasks. When DeMeo is not assisting the deans with anything, she spends her time as a study hall. 

“Normally I just focus on doing my homework, it’s really the perfect time and environment for focusing. When I don’t have homework I like to just socialize with my friends. I always make sure I have friends when I’m an aide, because they just make the whole thing so much more enjoyable. If you ever aide, I definitely recommend doing it with friends,” DeMeo said.  

Another place students like to aide is the library. Junior Hailee Shull is one of the aides in the library, and she said she became an aide mainly to hang out with Mrs. Dunkel and help make her life a little easier. 

“Student aides help with random jobs around the library. I help by putting away returned books, package books that are new to the library, and organize the book shelves. Usually if I’m not helping in the library I’m doing homework,” Shull said. 

Students can also choose to aide for a teacher. The different tasks for teacher aides may vary depending on the teacher, however they all have one thing in common; making the teachers life easier. 

Junior Mason Lira is a student aide for Coach Aaron Thumann in the weight room. Lira said that he became an aide for Thumann to help him out in the weight room with tasks or other students, as well as to have another workout period. 

“I assist in showing students how to do specific lifts; I help pick up and organize weights. And when I am not helping Thumann with anything I usually workout,” Lira said. 

Hadley said that student aides need to have qualities including being positive, upbeat, polite, have confidentiality and above all have integrity.

“A lot of things happen in the offices and student aides know that what happens in the office stays in the office. They don’t go and tell everyone,” Hadley said. 

Being a student aide can be beneficial for everyone involved. Acting as a study hall for students alongside assisting their favorite teacher or staff.

“It helps all of us to have them here. It goes back to having them help us. This is not only with paperwork but also to help us see things from a student’s perspective. I think it is super important for them to feel like part of a team as well, so all in all my opinion is I wish we could have more,” Hadley said.