Green Initiative gives share bin to cafeteria

George Sproul Opinion Editor

New for this year, the share bin encourages students to donate “unwanted, unopened, uneaten” food, so any students wanting a snack can quickly grab one. There is also a spot in Green Initiative Sponsor Rachel Carraher’s room, H-03, where students can stop by and snag a quick munch. Photo By George Sproul

East’s science club, Green Initiative, made plans for bringing recycling and composting to the school, and starting a food reusing box in the lunch room. 

“We had our first common community on Martin Luther King Jr. day, we had a good turnout but we’re hoping to expand. Our main thing is trying to raise funds for recycling,” Green Initiative Club Sponsor Rachel Carraher said.

Carraher and her club of students have made decent amounts of progress on recycling and other things such as composting.

“The share bin has been very successful; we’ve moved some of the food to a visible place so all students have easy access to the food in my room,” Carraher said.

Green Initiative member senior Lillian Crouch help the club achieve their goals.

“We met with Mr. Bacon this week to talk about further bringing composting and recycling to the school, but this is an issue with administration; it’s not our decision,” Crouch said.

Crouch has some ideas pertaining to a better environment as well, things the Green Initiative is capable of doing.

“Composting and recycling are our main goals currently, but we will be doing fundraising at the East versus West basketball game,” Crouch said.

Green Initiative President Chloe Zarp has been able to implement some of their new ideas.

“Recycling is in full swing at West, and it will start here within one month, but it’s a struggle because we don’t have space behind school currently for the bins,” Zarp said.

Green Initiative has more planned than just recycling, and that includes composting.

“We plan to have composting ready for summer school, it will be available during all meals at school, and it will hang around for the 23-24 school year, we also have some new programs to prep students for composting coming very soon,” Zarp said.