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Secondary education is not needed for success

An increasing number of people are challenging that education from college is essential to achieving success after high school. This argument is reflecting shifts in attitudes towards career paths and employment opportunities, leading to the reevaluation of the ideology that higher education is a necessity to the shaping of someone’s future financial success.

There’s a growing perspective that suggests different pathways to success, like military, vocational training, or entrepreneurship. This shift in mindset challenges the collective understanding of what success actually is and to reconsider the importance of a college degree. 

“You should only go to college if your career that you want to go into requires it,” senior Alyssa Watson said. “It’s a big commitment and people go into it thinking they’re going to make a ton of money and get a huge job after. If they don’t work themselves through college, a lot of the time that doesn’t happen and then they’re confused on what went wrong. I don’t think you have to go to college to be successful.”

As individuals continue questioning the traditional idea that places college education on the pedestal of career advancement, the recognition of alternative education paths become well sought-after. According to Goodwin University, many people become successful in life without college degrees. As the pressure inclines to get a college degree, it’s key to remember that it’s not necessary for success in a student’s  lifetime.

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 “What I tell students is that they have to have some path after high school,” guidance counselor Colleen Pribyl said. “I definitely don’t think 4-year college is for everybody, and not everybody is ready for it. But they need to have some path after high school. If you’re just graduating and you’re thinking of just working, we need to find some kind of training or military that’s going to help.”

Many students may think that because they’re going through hardships, especially if they’re a senior, they will not have any sort of chances at success. However, there cannot be success without hardships.

 “We see students with some of the biggest barriers in their way and there are ways to get around them and even break some of that cycle they might have in their family,” Pribyl said.

Students believe they would be able to find a career when they graduate and believe they can become successful out of high school; however, there are many students that can find ways around their problems. According to News Gallup, numerous students have the will to succeed, but countless lack the ways. About 1 million students in the U.S. participated in the 2015 Gallup Student Poll. Results show 80% of students strongly agree they will graduate from high school, while almost 63% strongly agreed they will find a good job in their future, and 35% strongly agreed they can find ways around their problems that provide obstacles in their lives. 

“There’s quite a few that start [college] and they’re just not cut out for it yet. Especially if they are moving away from parents that might’ve been on them about grades,” Pribyl said.

Despite the fact that college is not a necessity for all students, it can definitely provide easier access to success after high school compared to someone choosing not to follow that path. According to University of the People, college is an important factor of one’s life because it supplies experiences you cannot get anywhere else, you obtain life-long connections with others on campus, and it allows you to further digress into your career and make a higher income with most degrees. 

“In nursing, you get a good amount of money but in comparison to paying off college debt, that’s something I’ve had to think about. Is this job actually going to make me enough money to support myself and my future family? It’s a big factor, but it’s also what I want to do and what I love doing,” Watson said.

Going to college can create many pathways to success. College education allows individuals guidance toward becoming a successful adult. However, there’s drawbacks to everything and college education is definitely one of them. There are a multitude of drawbacks and limitations that determine whether or not college is the answer for many individuals graduating high school. 

“A huge drawback in pursuing a college education is the loans that come with it,” University of Missouri senior Emily Nelson said. “Frankly, it is a scam and something people should seriously consider before pursuing higher education. The financial aspect of it all can be not only a drawback, but also a limitation.”

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