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Instructor David Bossman gives life advice

Life Advice With Teachers is a student-made podcast at East aimed at helping students connect and create bonds with teachers, along with letting teachers get the chance to teach students lessons that can help them become a better person. The Chieftain Spear Website: Instagram: @chieftainspear 2023-2024 Tom-Tom Staff Editors in Chief •Charley Leon •Lucy Cook Editors Brianna Yang (Features) TayLana Tolbert (Sports) Layla Hango (Opinion) Victoria Bogatz (Entertainment) Caden Munderloh (Web) Mariyah Johnston (News) Reporters Lailyah Duncan Emily Hollars Charlotte Palm Cayla Ross Videographer Leiland Duncan Graphic Artist Lisa Connell Adviser •Stephenie Conley
Focus up. After a long day of reading out loud to his classes, instructor David Bossman relaxes by doing even more reading. “I learn so much from my students, and from things I continue to research and learn about. I think that life is much better lived when you continue to learn. Never stop learning,” Bossman said. When he’s not teaching, you can usually find Bossman focusing on a good book, continuing to learn.
Photo by Layla Hango
Engaging the classroom. Instructor David Bossman reads aloud to his attentive seventh hour class. Bossman engages his students in the reading by using silly voices for each different character as he reads aloud. “Bossman can be silly, but he can also be really insightful about a variety of different things,” Palo said. Photo by Layla Hango

Imagine sitting in a boring class, staring at the clock, waiting for time to pass more quickly. Imagine waiting for the bell to ring just so that you can run to your favorite teacher’s classroom and start doing something more fun. That’s the reality for a lot of students at Bellevue East who can’t wait to run into Mr. Bossman’s class.

Bossman has been a teacher at East for a long time. He has collected so many trinkets and he is very comfortable giving students advice when they need it. 

“I think Mr. Bossman is a very nice teacher,” sophomore Alyssa Osborne said. “I think he’s very lenient with assignments. It takes a lot of stress away because he makes you feel like you don’t have to get everything done by a certain date, while also motivating you at the same time.”

High school can be a difficult to manage for many students. Not only is it a challenge to get work turned in on time and to give the best effort, many students are also struggling to fit in with their peers and make connections.

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“I was very involved in high school,” Bossman said. “I think it helped me have pride and feel connected to my school. That’s one thing I’m super glad that I did. It helped me care about my grades, and also helped a little more with my social life.”

Bossman said his high school experience made him realize he loved the education field and wanted to be a teacher. He is able to take a hands-on approach to teaching, which many of his students appreciate. He is a good listener, and can give his students advice when they are looking for it. He looks forward to the future of all of his students, and advises them to keep learning.

“I mean I did a lot of different things, and I think diversity is important to me; high school is just trying to figure out what you like and what you want to do to prepare you for the future,” Bossman said.

Bossman has been recognized for his commitment to education and his teaching techniques. He is known for his positive attitude and affect on both his students, and his colleagues.

“I’ve really enjoyed working with Mr. Bossman for more than 20 years,” instructor Carla Palo said. “He is just one of those people who everybody likes and he’s also really, really creative, funny, and cares about kids.” 

Bossman said he feels that when students try to take a lot of classes, and are involved in a lot of extracurriculars, it can be very stressful. He encourages his students to find balance and turn to him for assistance if you ever need it.

“Finding balance is important,” Bossman said. “It helps you not stress yourself out too much. I try to be engaging. The year is coming to an end and we just need to push ourselves to get right over the hump. I hope that students know that I’m approachable and I know that a lot of classes can contribute to stress, but I want to let them know that they can talk to me and I will work with them.” 

Bossman is described as a fun person to be around. He brings diversity into the classroom, with his many interests such as running, books, and sports. He makes sure all of his students are up-to-date on assignments, while also making them comfortable enough to confide in him when they need it.

“I admire his commitment to helping his students out. I think he brings the ‘oldest brother’ vibe to the classroom,” Palo said. “He just wants to help everyone out and make sure they’re doing okay. He is also interested in a lot of different things and interested in what kids have to say.” 

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