Time management an issue for students

 High school students have the worst time management skills when it comes to school, work, sports, etc., and trying to manage everything all at once.

Many students do not learn these skills as they age. Once they’ve developed the habit, it is hard to learn good time management skills, even though there are a multitude of devices and applications to help students with organization.

“Depending on your child’s age, have her use a calendar or planner to map out chores, school assignments and activities. She might need help learning how to fill it out. Post a big family calendar to show her how it’s done. You can also try free or inexpensive mobile apps to help your child manage time,” according to Understood.

Many times, students may get a reprimand from their parents or teachers, or get failing grades in classes “they don’t need to graduate.” Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Even though, students may have all of their elective core class credits to graduate, failing grades are still put on their transcripts and may not be accepted. If the students have already been accepted, colleges could still revoke them and/or take away any scholarships that have been acquired.

“If a student gets a bad case of ‘senioritis’ and stops working in second semester of the senior year, the student needs to be aware that the college acceptance might get pulled. They get midterm and final year grades from your high school, for this very reason,” founder of Position of U 4 College LLC, Kris Hintz said.