Soccer kicks off season


Sophomore Sami Redding heads down the field to attempt to score. Photo by Sharon Guchu

Sharon Guchu, Reporter

Soccer season just started and the teams have been preparing for the games coming up. Sophomores Anthony Melendez and Kate Dumbase are conditioning and practicing with the team.

“I was super nervous since it’s my first year playing,” Dumbase said.

Different people can try for the team, including players like Kate Dumbase or players who have played their whole lives like Anthony Melendez. Coaches will coach anyone, but behaviour does affect whether you get on the team or not.

“If you have a positive mindset, you’re coachable, and you work hard on the field, I think those are 3 things that stand out. All coaches want kids who are going to do those 3 things well,” girls varisty soccer coach Fjell said.

Other than players on the field, coaches are present to lead the players and guide them anywhere they might be stuck or need help with. Fjell has been the East coach for 15 years and this is her 13 year of being the head coach.

“I started coaching just because when I was at college I got the opportunity to help on a team that was playing in college and I just really liked coaching,” Fjell said. “I knew when I was done playing soccer in college I still wanted to be with the game and I just love working with kids so putting those two things together.”

While playing the games, the teams have practice their footwork and condition to get the stamina to play longer. At East, they practice with games and get help whenever they need it or whenever the coach sees there is a place for improvements.

“We do a lot of drill work a lot of ball work, physical work as well sometimes we go to the weight room,” Melendez said. 

  The upperclassmen have been helping out with the new coaches and that helps the coaches by having more help.

“I am really excited about this year it has been kind of fun year to coach so far because there have been so many new players we have eleven on the field 67 of them are freshmen so we have a brand new squad this year. We have a lot of good upperclassmen that I think are going to take a leadership role to kind of help push out team along all season long.” Fjell said.