Changes in climate should bring concerns to all

Around the world, climate change is affecting the environment and the atmosphere one step at a time. Many species are going extinct because their habitat is no longer habitable. But why should we care about climate change? Climate change is an occurring issue that has worsened since 1988.

June 1, 2017 President Donald Trump stated he wanted to withdraw from The Paris Agreement which includes 174 countries working to decrease the chance of climate change around the world. The National Resources Defense Council stated that The Paris Agreement ensured that any country that had officially joined would not be officially withdrawing until November 2020. That means that the United States would withdrawal right before the work starts happening to decrease the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency stated “The United States is one of the biggest countries contributing to the release of all these gases in the air along with China.” That is a huge issue because we all need to do more to help the planet. The effects climate change has on animals and the environment is frightening. Why don’t we care enough? Do we want the human race to slowly die off, too?

We all need to look at what we can do to help our planet from all of the long term effects. There are so many ways we can slow down climate change.

For example, our cars that run on gas release a lot of carbon dioxide and other greenhouses gases into the atmosphere which also causes pollution. Teslas are electric cars that do not dispense any gases into the atmosphere which saves gas just by plugging it in at night so when you wake up it’s ready to roll.

Even if you cannot afford an electric car you can still cut down on the amount of gas you produce into the air. In order to create a solution you can choose to use more eco friendly tools and products to help the environment.

Eco friendly tools are products you can use to keep the environment mostly clear from harmful things. Locations of stores across the nation provide different substitutes for plastic products. Eco tools consist of disposable towels, aprons. Using reusable straws save the turtles and many other inhabitants of the sea.

Doing things such as recycling and reducing the amount of plastic and gases you let out into the economy can help out tremendously. We could all plant more trees which would put more oxygen out in the atmosphere, but the main problem is we do not have enough room for it.

Industrialism includes the building and development of building and cities which can happen through deforestation. When we remove our natural resources like trees to make room for these developments, we harm our planet even more.

Industrialism is everywhere and its advancing at a rapid speed which causes habitats to be torn down and trees to be deconstructed. The biggest effects from industrialism is the pollution in the air we breathe and water.

Many groups and organizations such as Sierra Club are working hard to try and keep our planet safe from letting out more greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.

The Sierra Club is an organization in which people take on protecting the earth in different ways including on educating people in how to protect the planet and how to minimize the use of plastic.

A variety of people around the world also pick up all the plastic and trash off our beaches to keep our oceans safe which helps the different kinds of species in the sea to not swallow it.

We as the inhabitors and  the dominant species of Earth really need to work harder to keep our planet safe before it gets too dangerous to live here.