Memes being used online

I am fairly sure by now that at one point in everybody’s life, they have at least seen, heard, or talked about a meme.

According to Econsultancy, the average person spends about two hours on social media a day. On social media many memes float around, so it is easy for everyone to at least come in contact with any meme.

The literal definition of a meme is exactly what you might think it would be. A meme is a humorous image, video, or piece of text that is copied (often with variations) and spread rapidly amongst internet users.

Memes can take many forms. A meme could be a typed out joke or tweet, a picture that you see scrolling through your instagram feed, or a video that your friends will show you about 20 times.

Some memes can even be a physical object that is then thrust into the digital world. Eating Tide Pods from 2018 is a great example of a physical object that was turned into a meme fairly quickly.

Teenagers spend a great deal of time watching or looking at memes or other internet content.  Some advertisers take note of how long people are browsing on the internet and looking at memes and want to get in the action.

Advertisers have started to use memes to their advantage. Using this new medium of communication to share their product with the masses.

Although some may argue that these companies can stretch their efforts a little to much sometimes.

That memes are native to the language of social media. And when we spend hours consuming absurdist humor and ridiculous YouTube videos. There are even people who make videos reviewing memes on YouTube and recieving adsense money from those said videos.

“When advertisers start producing memes promoting their product, it can be seen as cringy and turn away a lot of viewers That’s why brands are getting smarter about the content they publish on social media,” Forbes Commercial Council said.

News media is not safe from the meme creators either. Plenty of news bloopers, outtakes and mistakes have been forever plastered on YouTube in compilations.

Whether those can be considered memes or not can be up for debate.  By definition if they are humorous and are rapidly spread on the internet, it is a meme. However thats still up to the people to decide if it is funny enough to be considered a meme.

The video of Wendy Williams as she faints on live television in a Statue of Liberty costume on Halloween. People took this as an oppurtunity to make jokes and memes based off of her incident.

Which can be seen as insensitive since it was a serious situation since she passed out of heat in her costume. This made the meme contreversial but some teenagers found it humorous anyway and the video was spread all around the internet.

Nothing is off the table when it comes to memes. Memes can be made out of offensive and vulgar things. People still find them humorus, keeping memes are still as popular. as ever.

Many memes are also used in politics, whether canidates want them to be produced or not. However, some politicians use them to their advantage to gain popularity.

Memes can also be used against a canidate or really anyone, as it can point out the flaws and mistakes people make and make fun of them.