Varsity earns major league playing time at Kauffman

Camrin Smith, Reporter

Bellevue East varsity baseball played in a major league park, Kauffman Stadium, on a sunny Friday afternoon in Kansas City. As varsity went through their throwing progressions, stretches, and pregame traditions, the team was mentally preparing themselves for the game of a lifetime.

When the team walked on to the field, each and every player became immersed in the game.

“I was really excited at first, but once we got there, I got pretty intimidated,” freshman Truman Amsler said.

Bellevue East Baseball played at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City. Varsity played on April 19, with reserve and junior varsity in the bleachers cheering the players on during the event.

It was the first time a team from East played at a major league Stadium. It took time and fund raising for the team to be able to play. The teams sold vouchers from the beginning of the season until the big game.

“We did some fundraising. We had to sell vouchers, so if you bought a voucher you got to go to any game for the rest of the season and the money we got allowed us to play in Kansas City,” freshman Paul Schuyler said. 

The head coach set up a time to play against Blue Valley Northwest, a high school team from Overland Park, Kansas. East ended up losing 6-1. The game went into 6 innings and the teams had the stadium to themselves. Even though our team lost, it was still a day to remember for East.

“The opportunity came from a contact that I had with the showcase who had gotten a hold of me and after going through it with administration we decided it was something we wanted to do,” coach Ian DeLaet said.

When the team found out  that this opportunity as real, they put in a lot of work during the offseason, practices, and the regular season according to DeLaet. But a lot of work was needed to go in to finish the season strong.

“Our team needs to focus on our offensive approach and how to manufacture runs on a consistent basis,” DeLaet said.

The freshman boys on varsity found it to be a one of a kind experience to be able to play in a major league stadium their first year of high school.

It is rare for anyone to play in a major league stadium, but to be able to play there as a freshman in high school is one in a million. The players are hoping to be able to have this experience again.

“Playing in a major league stadium felt pretty good. It was always one of my dreams, and it was impactful being a freshman, ” Schuyler said.