Hope squads brings happiness to East

“It reminds kids of the support here at school and that there are a lot of people behind them who want them to succeed.” - counselor Casie Onken

Jacob Kriewald, Sports Editor

A student is impatiently waiting for the bell to ring. Once it does, he walks out the front of the school to find that Hope Squad has written kind and encouraging messages in chalk all around the school on the sidewalks.

“Hope week is a week where our Hope Squad gets to spread hope, motivation, and inspiration through the halls of East,” Hope Squad member sophomore Kenneth Duke said.

Hope Squad is a group of individuals who come together as one to put a smile on the staff and students face. For hope week they did a chalk walk which is where they drew motivating and inspirational messages on the sidewalks at the front of the school. This was to help further their goal of spreading positivity at East.

“I think that Hope Week has affected the school in such a positive way. I got a lot of feedback from the Hope Squad video, which was awesome to hear. Generally, I think people really loved the idea of Hope Week,”sophomore Hanaa Tatby said.

Besides the chalk walk they did a variety of other activities around the school. The participants of Hope Squad placed inspirational notes throughout the building. They placed them on lockers and gave students the notes in person.

“I participated by handing out motivational slips to the students, and we did an event after school where we wrote motivational and inspirational sayings outside for all of Bellevue east on the sidewalk to see,” Duke said.

Hope Week will continue to make it return with a large amount of positive comments. With the impact it is making on the school’s population, it is something they will consider doing again.

“It reminds kids of the support here at school and that there are lots of people behind them who want them to succeed,” counselor Casie Onken said.

After all of the activitiesd during Hope Week for the school, the squad accomplished their main goal, to give hope to East.

“I know it had helped bring awareness of the need for emotional support here at school and I hope it is helping students realize that they are not alone,” Onken said.