New Dunkin Donuts doesn’t meet expectations

East graduate Bryce Bares opened Dunkin Donuts on the corner of Harlan Drive and Galvin Road South September 4, where the old Fantasy’s Gas station used to be. Getting there is kind of difficult when you are coming from 370 with opposing traffic coming both ways. The building itself is very colorful and there is a big coffee cup statue in front which made it very easy to find where I needed to go.

When I first walked into the building, I was shocked by how big it was as I expected something much smaller. The restaurant gives the option to go inside and sit down or go through the drive thru. The inside has multiple places to sit and relax. Also, I would like to add that the bathrooms were very clean, which is always appreciated.

They had a wide range of coffee and breakfast food, from donuts to sandwiches. I decided to get a strawberry Coolatta and a sausage, egg and cheese wrap.

Not gonna lie, the cheese wrap kind of smelled gross, but it actually ended up being good. It was a little on the small side. The eggs were rubbery, but the sausage and cheese made up for it. Also, the contents were only in the middle of the tortilla, so it was mostly just tortilla.

I am not the biggest fan of coffee, so when I saw that they offered other drinks I was excited. The Coolatta looked very good and smelled delicious, but when I actually tasted it, I was disappointed. It was average, the consistency was pretty thick and I do not think it was blended completely. It was also not very flavorful or sweet, which was disappointing.

Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5 – the food was not that good and personally I think it is overpriced. I expected more from them. The staff on the other hand was very nice and quick and the establishment was very clean which gave them some positive points.