Disney+ stands against competition


Imagine your childhood bundled up into one app – all the movies and shows you watched as a kid at your fingertips, this is Disney+.

Disney+ has taken the world by storm and is continuing to be mentioned on a daily basis by most of my classmates. Disney+ is Walt Disney productions independent streaming service with movies, shows, and short films all owned by Disney – from childhood favorite Disney original movies, to the Marvel and Star Wars series.

Starting with Disney+, the initial cost according to Business Insider is “A month-by-month subscription that will cost $6.99/month. The yearly subscription is a little cheaper and will cost $69.99/year ($5.83/month)”. Just the monthly subscription alone is about the cost of one Disney movie. With this price, you’re paying for hundreds of movies and shows.

The features have developed since the app was first released. When the app was first introduced, many believed it was going to be a Netflix copy and paste format, but with the material of Disney, there was a surprise. The formats are similar, but they have their differences.

Netflix has categories such as recently watched, continue watching, etc. But upon release, Disney+ had none of these. There was a watch list and that was it. If you were to start watching a show, you would not be able to access it from your home page.

You would have had to add it to your watchlist and on top of that, you would need to remember what episode you were on otherwise you would have had to skip through all the previous episodes until you came across one that was not started yet or had been partially watched.

Since then, updates have rolled out to fix these issues. There is now a “continue watching” feature that brings you to the last remembered point of which you were watching. The categories are now easier to navigate which gets two thumbs up from me and improves upon their old design.

The next biggest point of interest for anyone who is looking to make the commitment and purchase Disney+ would be the content. The content can please anyone in the family, from the 5 year old just starting kindergarten, to the mom and dad on a date night.

The new streaming platform has “more than 500 movies and 7,500 TV episodes. That’s expected to grow to 620 movies and 10,000 episodes in five years,” according to the Boston Globe. Some of the big name companies that Disney owns as of now is the entire Star Wars franchise and Marvel as well, which means there are many options for everyone, regardless of their interest.

In addition to the movies and shows that already exist that are on the streaming service, Disney is also rolling out a ton of original content that is released on the app only.

Disney is now looking to add to their arsenal of content in the near future. For some movies and shows, if you click on them, they will ask if you would like to see the trailer but will then have a release date next to it.

So overall, Disney+ has been a huge success and I think it will only continue to grow in popularity. It started with flaws, but as most things, it will get better with time. I truly believe that this will eventually become as popular if not more than its elders Hulu and Netflix. Disney+ is the streaming service of the future.