Hallmark Christmas movies fight for top spot


No one asked me, but for scientific purposes I binged Hallmark’s Christmas movie premiers. I know what you are thinking, how did I manage to sit through ten plus movies with the exact same storyline and ending? It was not easy, but I trudged on and have to say, I found some diamonds in the rough, based on: meet cutes, acting, storyline, and watchability. Meet cutes, or the story of how and when two people meet and instantly fall in love, shape the lovers’ story for the rest of the movie. We all know Hallmark storylines are roughly the same, but I watched for ones that stood out, which ties into whether or not I could sit through the whole thing.

Coming in at a solid number one, “Write Before Christmas.” The main character, Jessica is in love with the magic of Christmas, but not in love with her boyfriend. She is dumped days before Christmas, dampening her Christmas spirit. Later on in the story, not to anyone’s surprise, she meets a guy and falls in love (shocker, I know). Before I spoil it too much, other than your typical dumping then magically stumbling upon a true love agenda, “Write Before Christmas” is not your typical Hallmark movie and that is why it sits at number one.

In a very close race to number one, “Cherished Memories: A Gift to Remember 2” ranks at number two. What really got me in this movie is the twist end that no one saw coming. It truly strengthens the magic of Christmas in a way I have not seen a Hallmark movie do before.

“Christmas Under the Stars” showcases a heartbreaking story of a widowed mother, Julie, and son, Matt, who visit a Christmas tree lot every year and stumble into Julie’s new love of her life. This movie comes in at number three because of its heartwarming appearance of the cutest old man, Clem.

“Check Inn to Christmas” is the story of two rival inns that, you guessed it, come together in the end for the sake of Christmas. It was not a terrible movie, but the predictability of it all made it a tad boring which is why it sits at number four.

Last and least, “Christmas at Graceland.” The acting. That is it, that is why it is last. Not to mention, the storyline. I mean come on, girl visits her small town home then picks up a side job as a nanny for some rich guy and, with no surprise to literally anyone ever, they hate each other at first, then fall in love. Hallmark, you lost me at the first scene.