Technology brings negatives

Around the globe, schools have added technology into their classrooms for new learning tools. In adding these new additions, parents have expressed their feelings about iPads being used in the students every day learning. The problem is kids nowadays are getting way too attached to their devices, causing their social lives to go down, as well as their grades by using these devices that are supposedly “beneficial.”

In school, especially elementary, they have given iPads in a majority of the classrooms for kids to get better “connected.” The truth is in some high school classes they are not even being used for any purpose at all, so in the end it just ends up being a big waste of money for the district.

In some other states the school districts have made changes to where every student gets their own iPads in and out of school. iPads in school can cause many problems for everyone, including problems to students’ brain, health, and social lives.

The article “Five Negative Impacts of Technology in Children” states that “Kids are using mobile devices more and more, and they can become addicted to this, not spending enough time with their family and/or friends.” In adding iPads to classes it worsens the students’ social skills to where they might not even communicate a lot anymore to their families. Health problems re also a leading cause of children being connected to technology on the daily. Basically, you cannot be a good writer if every day students are using iPads for classes and not getting any pencil to paper action to write all of their essays or stories.

Notability is also a big resource that students use on iPads while at school for their schoolwork. The downside is this app costs $9 and people do not want to spend that much money on a school work app. The district does pay for some of the apps used, though, and that would most likely work well.

iPads are not beneficial for the growth of students in their everyday lives while at school or even outside.

I would rather learning activities remain using pencil and paper because it is simple and teaches students how to do everything manually while also becoming a better writer. To me it is way more complicated to do school work on iPads because there is always difficulties or something goes wrong and then student cannot do their work because of problems with the technology or the school WiFi.

The overall solution should be limiting iPad usage to certain classes where it shows purpose. Even then, when students are given assignments on iPads, they are more likely to be distracted. Giving students iPads does not teach them writing skills and causes distractions during instruction.