Swim gets ready to dive into new season

Jacob Kriewald, Sports Editor

Pull on your swimming cap and put on your goggles because it’s time for swim season. There have been a lot of changes to the  team since last year, the more notable being changes in the coaching staff. As of last year, Spanish teacher and now head swim and dive coach Taylor Schultz has taken over the title of head coach.

“The difference between Schultz and coach last year is she is pushing us more and getting us ready for state sooner than our old coach did. She is definitely working us out more,” sophomore Maiah Tomsu said.

With any coaching change, there is always a question on whether or not they will succeed. Although they started their season off with a 248-96 loss at Bellevue West, there is still hope with 12 more guaranteed meets. But the one attribute you cannot question is her excitement to be there as head coach.

“It has been a nice chance. There’s a lot more behind the scenes work that I wasn’t used to before, but I still get to do the fun part, the actual coaching,” Schultz said. “I enjoy overseeing the swimming part of the team because I used to spend majority of my time with the divers and now I can watch the swimmers grow stronger and faster, everyday.”

Coming into the season, players are hoping to be successful. Expectations are high and the athletes have been working harder than ever to acheive the goals they set last year.

“I expect that a lot of us swimmers will be way more competitive and work harder than before to get into conference and or state,” sophomore Kyra Piper said.

With a lot of new faces on the team, there is hope that these swimmers will work hard and achieve their full potential for the season.

“This year we have a lot of new swimmers with a lot of potential and a lot of hard workers. I’m confident that it will be a good year and have swimmers make it to state this year,” Tomsu said.

Shultz has also made the letter policy more strict. Getting a letter in a sport or activity is an honor and should be earned. She has implemented a new system of academic and attendance requirements to make sure athletes are earning this honor. In the past, athletes who participated in the sport were gifted a letter for participating.

“I think earning a varsity letter is something you need to work for and have pride in what you have accomplished. Also, all athletes must be passing every class in order to compete in a meet,” Schultz said. “Academics is a priority. Everyone is a student first and then an athlete.”

Overall, the team is ready and prepared to compete all season long and are expected to have fun. The coaches also hope that the athletes can reach their best potential through the rest of the season.

“I know we will have a lot of personal bests throughout the season as new swimmers master their stroke and returnees guide them through,” Schultz said. “I have a very knowledgeable group of assistant coaches that are going to help move the team in a great direction.”