Forensics prepares to take on state competition

Sitting in the room, contestants allow their voices to fill the air as they preparte to compete for the ultimate achievement of getting first place. The forensics teams, novice division and varsity division, are preparing themselves for competition at state which takes place in March. Before state they have to attend districts which means only the top four get to advance to state.

“My biggest motivation is my team and just the drive and passion I feel for forensics. I love these guys and working with them is always a good experience. I’m also just really passionate about it because using my voice to make a point has always been something I’m kind of good at and want to do,” senior Terry Pender said.

Both of the forensics teams have been to many tournaments on their journey to state. The main goal at the end is for the students to win and place at districts so that they will be able to move on to state. A lot of students have already placed in these tournaments meaning they have a greater chance at being able to compete at the state level.

“The tournaments we have participated in so far are Millard North novice, Lincoln East novice, Papillion, and Bellevue East,” forensics coach John Campbell said.

In doing serious pieces, challenges also appear on the path to success. Overcoming challenges or obstacles for students in forensics can be stressful at times during tournaments and even on the road to state. Many students are aware of the challenges that they need to work to overcome. Senior Skyler Wortman explained in detail the challenges he thinks he will go through upon arrival to state in March.

“The biggest challenges I think I will go through is not being disclosive enough or loud enough and seeing other people grow and develop their pieces more,” senior Skyler Wortman said.

Other than competing, the forensics team is one big strong family. Pender said his favorite part about forensics is the bond he shares with the teachers and with his teammates that make him motivated to do well in that class.

“My favorite part is my team and coaches by far. Mr. Campbell and our assistant coach Jordan Ullom are so helpful in so many aspects of competition and in life,” Pender said. “Between them and my team I get to look forward to the hard work we put in because I know it’ll be balanced with all the warm feelings we experience as a team.”

Novice division and varsity division are in high hopes about their state competition in March. Campbell said he is very confident in their ability to take home many awards.

“I’m confident they are gonna make it to state because we always do and that sounds arrogant, but they generally do very well,” Campbell said.