Light up Bellevue By Amsley Willers

“Light Up Bellevue” is back for their second year. Light Up Bellevue is a group of people who have committed to putting lights up around Bellevue. They became well known last year after they put on a large light show at Washington park.

All members of the group have been invited by Mayor Rusty Hike. His wife, Joanna Hike is one of the leaders. They added many new songs and lights this year, as well as a message board. Multiple things had to be changed this year due to COVID-19. Last year they invited Santa to take photos with children.This year because of the virus they held a drive through event instead.

“We had Bellevue Dance Academy perform, Santa and Mrs. Claus, we gave out about 1,000 bags of candy, the firemen and police officers also participated, the drive through ended with driving by the lights.”Joanna Hike said.

They are already planning their setup for next year. They plan on expanding the holiday cheer even more around Bellevue. They want to add more lights around the park and surrounding areas, and even expand as far as the Bellevue Public Library.


“ We have a Light Up Bellevue Board which consists of about 10 people that have put in a lot of volunteer work on this project.  Also, the Bellevue city workers helped put up the lights along with students from BPS and many community members.”Joana Hike says.

For this project they have spent about 60,000 dollars on lights.The lights are synced to music that plays at the park but also plays on 91.9 on the radio. The lights will be up till January 4th.

“ I like how much joy and christmas spirit [the christmas lights] brings.” Emma Williams.

Currently there are lights up in Werner Park, Between 24th and Lake streets, Between L and Q Streets, Between 10th to 13th streets and Harney to Jackson Street.

“It is also an event that brings the community together and gives the families something to do together.”-Joanna Hike