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LGBTQA+ scholarship offered to students

Senator John Fredrickson and his spouse Jeff Formanek created a scholarship for students who are looking to apply to UNL and are supporters or champions of the LQBTQ+ community.“Our goal for this scholarship is to encourage future generations of Nebraskans to study and work here,” Fredrickson said. Photo courtesy of Senator John Fredrickson

Senator John Fredrickson and his spouse Jeff Formanek announced a $2,000 scholarship for LGBTQA+ champions December 14, 2023 called the Fredrickson-Formanek Fund.

The Fredrickson-Formanek Fund is an annual scholarship(s) through the University of Nebraska Foundation that provides incoming first year students at UNL who are LQBTQA+ supporters or champions with financial support. The money will be split evenly between the spring and fall semester. 

“My husband, Jeff Formanek and I decided to create the Fredrickson-Formanek Scholars Fund to celebrate young LGBTQA+ champions in our State,” Fredrickson said. “Nebraska is full of young people unafraid to stand for their beliefs and strive for a better future.”

Senator Fredrickson and his spouse Jeff Formanek created the Fredrickson-Formanek fund for LGBTQ+ champions.  The scholarship is for people who wish to apply to UNL.

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“This scholarship empowers students to stay in Nebraska and experience these opportunities for themselves,” Fredrickson said.

The requirements for the scholarship include being a Nebraska high school graduate, an LGBTQA+ supporter or champion, and students must be an incoming first year undergraduate, and be enrolled at UNL when the scholarship is being provided. 

  “The University of Nebraska – Lincoln offers incredible education and work experience, and we want to ensure hardworking students can access these opportunities without worrying about tuition costs,” Fredrickson said. 

The scholarship could open up more conversations on the ongoing discrimination against the LGBTQA+ community. According to American Progress, an independent nonpartisan policy institute, LGBTQ people still face discrimination in their personal lives, in their workplace, in public, and in their access to health care. 

“We also wanted to support young Nebraskans in the face of recent rhetoric from some state lawmakers,” Fredrickson said. “Their divisive legislation does not speak for the vast majority of Nebraskans.”

 The Fredrickson-Formanek fund sheds light on the amount of students who worry about their financial support. According to, a scholarship management service, scholarships are essential for college students. The financial assistance it gives might be the only way a student can afford to attend a college or university.  

“I think I’ll go out for the scholarship when I graduate because I have the chance to go to college and also have some help with money, so at least I have something to consider when I graduate,” freshman Lillie Arcangel said.

Not only have Fredrickson and Formanek done more than create a backbone for students, but also they said they have sent a very powerful message students and to Nebraska. 

“Nebraska as a state does have a lot of work to do and growth that can happen in terms of more inclusivity,” instructor Abigail Ceremuga said. “The scholarship shows that there are people who are striving to make our state a more inclusive environment.”

The scholarship will be awarded in the fall of 2024. People can also show their support  by donating and can find more information on UNL’s website under the gender sexuality center. Students can go through the regular scholarship application processes for the scholarship. 

“I often think about how meaningful it would have been to have a scholarship like this available when I was trying to determine next steps after graduation, and Jeff and I are incredibly grateful to be able to establish this fund for the future leaders in our community and state,” Fredrickson said.

The couple returned to Nebraska to raise their son and have opened their eyes to seeing the many opportunities Nebraska has to offer. For any LGBTQ+ supporters or champions at East, the couple sends out a personal message that they are encouraging BEHS students to apply for the scholarship.  

“I’d like to encourage all Bellevue East students to apply if this scholarship sounds like a good fit for you, or to encourage your friends and classmates to apply,” Fredrickson said. “The Fredrickson-Formanek Scholarship is open to all applicants.”

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