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Students school spirit varies between each sport

Cedar Palmer
Loud and Proud! Senior Kael Walker guides the student section during a football game against Omaha South. “It was extremely enjoyable. I loved every part of it. Some of the responsibilities I had would have been leading the student sections in chants and getting people excited for the games,” Walker said.

At Bellevue East High School, the spirit each sport gets from the student section varies. Thunderous roars and cheers can be heard from the crowd for the football games and an electric buzz during the soccer games. Every sport has its unique fan-base, big or small, that radiates passion and pride.

While, every sport has its dedicated supporters, there is no doubt that certain sports grab the attention of students more than others. The crowd at football games will shake the bleachers, while there might not even be a crowd at less high-profile sporting events. Regardless of attention, each sport greatly benefits from support from its fans, students or not. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations, pride is a key component of school spirit.

“I feel like the current students at Bellevue East High School were never taught school spirit,” varsity cheer coach Veronica Smeby said. “This is no one’s fault, but is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. We went almost 3 years with restrictions on who could go to games, so students did not have the chance to show their spirit.”

 According to the Honor Society, students who engage in school spirit activities can impact their emotional well-being in positive ways. Participating in spirited activities and attending games can serve as a form of stress relief and emotional renewal. These moments of joy and celebration give a more balanced and fulfilling experience. Students participating in this kind of school environment  can teach resilience, teamwork, and respect.

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“Having themes for what people are going to wear at the games definitely helps out,” senior Kael Walker said. “It brings this level of excitement to the games more than just wearing whatever you want.”

According to Honor Society, a membership club that recognizes academic and professional success, the school spirit a school accumulates nurtures a sense of belonging among students. When students wear their school’s colors, chant at games, or engage in sporting events, they become part of a larger community that shares common goals and values. The sense of belonging contributes to a supportive environment where students feel connected to their peers and invested in their academic journey. Embracing strong sportsmanship elevates the school’s athletic program as a whole.

“I think football attracts a lot of students because it is the beginning of the school year and students are still somewhat excited for the new year,” Smeby said. “Also, Nebraska is a huge football state, it is only natural for students to enjoy football.”

Bellevue East demonstrates a strong spirit toward sports like football and basketball, with packed bleachers and loud cheering. Despite that, other sports, like track and field or golf, usually do not receive the same attention and support from the students. The difference in support shows a contrast between the levels of enthusiasm across different sports activities.

“We care more about football compared to track and field,”sophomore Stephanie Pulido said. “There is more spirit for the more popular sports.”

A reflection of popularity and the traditions that are carried on year after year show in student’s school spirit. Football and basketball attain more support because of the cultural significance they hold. However, the recognition of efforts and achievements of sports that do not have as much visibility is equally important. 

“There is not anyone picking which sports get more attention and spirit,” Pulido said. “It is just a matter of which ones are more popular and just happen to get more attention.” 

The presence of the student section plays a big role in motivating the players to perform better. The chants, cheers, and support from their peers encourage them to aspire to win. The students in the student section are not just spectators in bleachers, but fundamental members of the team. They drive their classmates to reach for success.

“In the East versus West game, we were doing good in the student section,” Walker said. “We actually cooked the Bellevue West student section and I think we mostly helped motivate our team to play better; it was the first time scoring and they scored twice against Bellevue West compared to not scoring at all the last couple of years. So, I think the student section was actually a big part of that game.”

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