Keeping up with different fall traditions

Nada Karim Reporter

As fall begins, many students are looking for a variety of ways to fill their time. These activities include pumpkin patches, haunted houses, and many more different ways to share time with family and friends. One of senior Sierra Fowler’s favorite fall activities is to go to some of the local pumpkin patches. 

“Every fall I work at Vala’s, and enjoy going to other pumpkin patches like the Bellevue Berry Farm,”   Fowler said.

Sierra Fowler’s mom, Lisa Fowler, has worked at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch for a couple of years now and said it’s one of her favorite things to do. Vala’s has become more expensive throughout the years, bringing a single person’s admission up to about $20 to $35. However, it is still a very pleasant place to be, with many new attractions added this year. She described her job at Vala’s as a place with a friendly environment and a rewarding job. 

Another fall tradition is the annual East volleyball bonfire at Bellevue Berry Farm. Photos courtesy of Rylee Craig

“I have made many new friends by working there. Overall it’s a rewarding part time job and it’s nice to come back every season and work with friends. I also enjoy teaching new employees,” Lisa Fowler said.

Lisa Fowler’s job at Vala’s includes taking orders at the Pie Barn, tending to customers, and communicating with other staff. She said that Vala’s never gets old and families love attending every year because of the new additions added each year.

“Every year a new attraction and a new food item is introduced to keep the customers coming. They also offer season passes to allow families to come back more than once per season,” Lisa Fowler said.

Not only is fall the time for pumpkin patches, it’s also the time for signature flavors and scents including pumpkin spice and caramel apples. Senior michael Duros said that his favorite things about fall are the pumpkin spice lattes.

“I enjoy going to pumpkin patches and drinking pumpkin spice because it is just such a warm flavor which makes my soul happy,” Duros said.

Duros said that sitting outside and enjoying the nice weather with a pumpkin spice latte in hand is one of the best parts about fall. Although fall comes with many perks, people like Sierra Fowler dread this time of year due to the winter months ahead. 

“Preparing for winter sucks, and all the school work going on during this time of year is dreadful; it makes me rethink whether or not fall is my favorite season,” Sierra Fowler said.

With quarters coming to an end and everyone rushing to finish schoolwork, it’s hard to enjoy the nice weather; however, by putting the pencil down and taking a break, one may come to realize that fall has many different things to offer other than just schoolwork. Duros said that putting taking a break allows him to be outside more and enjoy the weather.

“Fall makes me want to be outside; it is kind of the same feeling I get in the spring. It is the perfect temperature and it makes me enjoy my life more,” Duros said.