‘Footloose’ premiers at Bellevue Little Theatre

Lucy Cook Sports Editor

The 80’s were full of amazing songs and movies including, “Footloose.” “Footloose” was a musical performed at The Bellevue Little Theater, originally released in 1984. With the massive talent coming from Bellevue and Omaha, it was bound to be amazing.

Ren McCormick, was played by Will Hastreiter, and his mom Ethal, was played by Heather Wilhelm. They had to move from Chicago to Bomont which is a small town in Utah because Rens’ dad left them. Bomont looks like an ordinary town from the outside, but is a little strange. It was illegal to dance and to play loud music; the only music that was okay was classical. This enraged Ren who is used to dancing and singing with his friends in Chicago. He was able to convince the senior class to have a school dance. One of the seniors is Ariel Moore, played by Aimee Correa, who is the Reverend’s daughter,  and Ren’s classmate and love interest. 

The Bellevue Little Theatre recently held a performance of the musical “Footloose.” Photo by Grace Walter

The singer’s amazing vocals and choreography were captivating. All the eyes were on the stage. I loved the songs and it made it so much more enjoyable. I have never seen “Footloose” before, and seeing the musical made me want to see the movie and learn the dances. 

The performers ran up and down the aisles that led to the stage. The set was so amazing with the graffiti on the bridge. I could not wait to know what happened next. 

I felt like the set was the final piece that put it all together. It made me feel like I was in the story. I loved the end the most because they let people go on stage. I didn’t go on, but the people on the stage looked like they were having a blast.

I highly recommend “Footloose,” even though it is too late to watch the musical, I would watch the movie. I want to put a warning that there is language, so I don’t recommend watching with younger kids. Since Footloose came out in the 80’s I’m sure that parents and grandparents would love to talk about the movie or watch it with you. I give the play an 8 out of 10.