Elevating your day with coffee and boba

Hayley Gassick Features Editor

Above is the interior of Elevated Coffee Co Taphouse. Along with the brown sugar boba (below) and sea salt caramel latte (right). Photos by Hayley Gassick

Looking for a drink that combines sweet and salty? Or boba and coffee? Try Elevated Coffee Co. and Taphouse’s most popular drink, the Sea Salt Caramel Toffee latte and their Brown Sugar boba cold brew.

Elevated Coffee Co. and Taphouse opened up in March of 2022, and they are located off of Capehart road. They have a nice, clean, organized, mellow-type vibe setting at their cafe. Comfy sitting is available as well as a classic, high top tables, giving this coffee shop a homey feel, and making it ideal place to relax with some friends, or even get some school work done.

Their menu varies from coffee, other types of drinks, to food. Speciality drinks and espressos are offered hot and iced to suit anyone’s preference. For a speciality drink it cost $5 to $6, similar to Starbucks and Scooters. There is no in between size offered between small and large, but that doesn’t detract much from the drinks. 

Furthermore, espresso drinks cost between $2-$5 depending on size and type of the drink. For example, a double shot of espresso costs $2, a small Macchiato costs $4.25.  And while you’re there, If you ever feel like grabbing a bite to eat, they have bagels for $3.75 and pizzas for about $11-$12. 

Luckily, if you are a constant customer they do an awards system so you can get points to get a free drink. This not only serves as a fun way to bring back customers, but also attracts new visitors. 

Additionally, if you don’t want to wait in lines, they do pickup orders and deliveries, which definitely can make getting a good cup of coffee or treat more convenient when out at school or work.

I would rate the Sea Salt Caramel Toffee Latte a 3/5. The coffee itself has nice, smooth, and creamy taste and texture. However, I felt like  the salt and butter were too overpowering in the drink for my taste. Personally, if those flavors were turned down a little bit more I would give it a higher rating. It’s not a bad drink; it just doesn’t really suit my tastes. However, I can see the appeal and its popularity. 

Although, I would recommend the Brown Sugar Boba Cold Brew; I give it a solid 4/5.  The coffee is nice and sweet, but I’m not a fan of the Tapioca boba. The texture of the boba was standard, but I felt like the drink would work well without it. This drink was $6, and for reference, all boba drinks come in large for that same price. If I had to describe this drink, I would say it’s sweet, milky, and has hints of tea and coffee. It balanced out these flavors and gives anyone who fancies sweeter drinks a possible new favorite. While the boba aspect itself is my personal favorite due to its stiffness and texture, I still highly recommend this drink.

Elevated Coffee Co. and Taphouse still provides other quality drinks I have yet to review and hope to return and try more. I definitely recommend their coffee and hope that other people in the Bellevue area can try their coffee as well.