Chocolate milkshakes; who has the best?

Nadia Karim Reporter

Chocolate shakes and shakes in general are a great option for a quick and easy dessert for on the go; however, the question is, which place will satisfy your taste buds? I will be reviewing three fast food restaurants’ shakes on a 5-point scale including Dairy Twist, Don & Millie’s, and Sonic to figure out which of these three have the best chocolate shake. 

Being known for their ice cream, Dairy Twist has many different options to satisfy your taste buds, but are they good? I ordered a small chocolate milkshake and it came in a white styrofoam cup. The presentation isn’t very cute, however, what matters is the taste. 

Upon my first sip, I was fairly disappointed. I was expecting chocolate and I got hit with what tastes like really watered down chocolate milk. Because of the name, I was expecting to be wowed; however, I was left speechless and not in a good way. It really upsets me to have to give Dairy Twist such a low rating, but it doesn’t deserve much else. I’ll give Dairy Twist an unbiased 2 out of 5 and I will not be going back anytime soon.

While Don & Millie’s is known for their burgers, I’ve heard that they happen to have some of the best shakes in fast food so I’ve decided to put that to the test. Presentation wise, it doesn’t look all that appealing. It’s just in a plain white styrofoam cup and doesn’t have any whip cream or could even be recognized really as a shake. 

Basing my rating out of presentation it would honestly get a 2; however, the shake itself is very light and fluffy and deserves a 3 out of 5 at best. I found that this shake didn’t even really taste like chocolate and I only found hints of it throughout the shake. I have definitely had better and wouldn’t give that much credit to Don & Millie’s for their shakes.

Sonic is known for having many different freshly made meals as well as having many different ice cream options. Being partly known for their ice cream, I decided to put their shakes to the test. I ordered the same as I did for Dairy Twist and Don and Millie’s, a small chocolate shake and honestly the presentation wasn’t all that spectacular, however, the shake did have whip cream and a cherry.

I’ve never had a chocolate shake from Sonic and rarely get ice cream from here however, they didn’t disappoint and Sonic’s shake was actually very nice. It wasn’t too heavy on my stomach and compared to Don and Millie’s, it tasted like actual chocolate. I was actually able to finish the whole shake and would definitely go back some other time to get another one. I would give Sonic a 4 out of 5 for their chocolate shakes.

Overall, out of the three shakes that I tried from Dairy Twist, Don & Millie’s and Sonic, Dairy Twist was definitely the lowest ranked. This being that it hardly tasted like chocolate, and if I’m being completely honest, it sort of tasted like sour chocolate milk. Whether I just had a bad first experience or something else occurred, Dairy Twist definitely holds last place.

In second place we have Don & Millies. Don and Millie’s wasn’t the absolute worst shake I’ve had; I’ve definitely made it better on my own at home. It would have been much better if the chocolate wasn’t so subtle, but because of this it only got a 3 out of 5, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. 

Finally, in first place, we have Sonic. The shake had a great balance of chocolate and tasted how I would expect any other shake to taste. It got a 4 out of 5 and I will definitely be going back for another one. I recommend Sonic to anyone looking for a light desert or a sweet snack.