GPS serves nearly no purpose

Lucy Cook News Editor

GPS is that time after classes that students get to help them get a chance to work on school work at school or make up a test or quiz they may have missed. It can also be used for clubs to meet. Personal study time in school is good especially for athletes or other students who don’t have time to work on homework at home. Not all students use their time in GPS properly.

GPS was made to help students get their work done, but not all students use that time for want of its intent. Some students use their GPS time to chat with friends or by being on their phone instead of doing work. Others may not like their GPS so they skip it and walk around the school or another activity to pass the time and not get caught skipping. Another way students use their GPS time, other than work, may be going to meetings for clubs they are participating in. There are still students who work on school work but there should be more. Especially if they have work they could work on.

When students don’t do their work they would have to find another time  to do it like at home, during the weekend or study hall or another class that they could do it in. But not every student has free time after school that they could do homework during. Students might have sports games or practice or maybe a job that takes all their free time. Maybe students just can’t focus enough at home to be able to do school work. Either the environment, don’t have energy or do something else instead of homework.

There can be a few different ways to help fix GPS. One way to make it more helpful is by trying to get more students to do work while it’s GPS. Another way you can approach it is shortening the time. This is so students who need GPS can still have it and can use it and for the students who don’t need it have less time to wait for school to end. The other way to approach the situation is getting rid of GPS as a whole. Maybe if a student needs to take a test they can still get that opportunity and can maybe even have more time at school to work on school work.