Evil Dead sequel rises to new horror

Rylee Craig Co-Editor in Chief

A new horror film has hit the theaters, and it definitely did not disappoint. “Evil Dead Rise” debuted in theaters April 21. The film is about a twisted tale of two sisters whose reunion is cut short by the rise of flesh-possessing demons, thrusting them into a primal battle for survival as they face the most nightmarish version of family imaginable. 

The film “Evil Dead Rise” actually comes from a franchise released in the 1980s, called “Evil Dead.” The original movie was based on the classic plot of a group of friends who travel to a cabin in the woods, where they unknowingly release flesh-possessing demons. The rest of the movies in the franchise obviously piggyback off of that basic plot with different story lines. 

The original franchise was written and directed by Sam Raimi (director of Marvel’s  Spiderman.) Many critics call the first “Evil Dead” movie one of the best 80s horror films to exist, along with the other films in the franchise, because it introduced a new realm and experience of horror with its plot. 

While the original “Evil Dead” series created the cliché horror story setting of a cabin in the woods, and we all know that at this point that story plot is getting kind of old. The new “Evil Dead Rise” is an attempt to be a breath of fresh air in horror films and for the “Evil Dead” series, rising to a new plot, different setting, and a more modern take on the movie overall.

Raimi did not direct this film; however he is still collaborating with director and screenwriter Lee Cronin, so fans of the original series should have no fear with Raimi’s stamp of approval. Comparing the two films, however, one thing is still the same: bad stuff always happens when the Book of the Dead is read aloud. 

This time the characters are not a group of friends, but a family, including three kids, a chain saw wielding aunt, and a tattoo artist mother. I’m sure you can guess which character gets possessed after reading aloud the Book of the Dead, since the movie tagline is “Mommy loves you to death.” 

“Evil Dead Rise” is definitely not for people with weak stomachs, considering that the kills are pretty gory and brutal. However, Cronin’s genius ways of directing led to some creative violence, including eye trauma, hand trauma, vomit, decapitation, and dismemberment, and any other grievous bodily harm you can think of. So if you have a weak stomach, I would definitely be cautious while watching. 

Cronin also does a good job of taking the modern setting of an apartment and incorporating different things you would find in someone’s apartment today into the story line and violence. An example of this would be the marketing for the film, which revolves around a key scene with a cheese grater to someone’s flesh. 

Even though the tone of the film is generally cold and cruel, Cronin found some room to add a little humor in there. Now the movie is not even close to a comedy, but there are a lot of laughs that go with the violence, as strange as it sounds, like when an eyeball gets ripped out and lands in someone’s mouth. 

I recommend this movie for anyone with a love for horror films, and can still be aware and enjoy the silly jokes alongside the horror and violence. “Evil Dead Rise” is definitely action packed, so don’t plan on falling asleep during it. I give “Evil Dead Rise” 4.5 out of 5 stars.