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Spanish club sells chocolate bars to raise trip funds

Lailyah Duncan
Chocolate for sale! Members of the East Spanish Club sell chocolate bars from World’s Finest Chocolates to help raise money so that club members can participate in many fun activities, and attend field trips. Several varieties were available, including some with and without nuts. One club trip being planned for in the near future is to Chicago. Participating, in turn, helped motivate members to come out of their shells to talk to new people, like junior Angel Dawson. “It caused me to have interactions with people I would never have talked to before,” Dawson said. Students interested in joining Spanish Club can contact club sponsor Abigail Ceremuga in room C-05, or send an email through BPS Gmail. Club meetings are usually during GPS on Fridays, but check the school- wide club calendar with advisory teachers.

East’s Spanish Club raised up to $2000 from World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser to support a multi-day Chicago field trip for fall of 2024 and other field trips.

World’s Finest Chocolate has a variety of different flavors to choose from, giving students more choices. For the individuals who are allergic to nuts they do not just have almond chocolate bars; they have milk and dark chocolate, caramel, wafer, and wafer crisp.

“I think you definitely get your values worth,” Spanish Club sponsor Abigail Ceremuga said. “I think it’s easy that it’s just $1. It’s pretty accessible to buy, and I do think the quality is pretty good for what you’re buying.”

World’s Finest Chocolate is not just supplying Spanish clubs with an easy way to fundraise and a trip to Chicago, but they are also providing students with other benefits. According to Givesmart, a mobile bidding and fundraising management software company, fundraising in general provides students with learning skills like communication, goal setting, how to handle money, teamwork, leadership skills, accountability, confidence, and the importance of giving to an individual’s community.

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“It caused me to have interactions with people I would never have talked to before,” junior Angel Dawson said. “Honestly, I feel like I gained confidence, but also more responsibility in some way.”

To sell the chocolate bars, people need to go up to the seller and buy one. According to the Child Mind Institute, a leading independent nonprofit in children’s mental health, when children are excessively self- conscious, it makes it difficult for them to participate in class and socialize with peers. Buyers made the job for sellers easier and asked for the candy bars themselves.

“The box said it all,” junior Madeline Woods said. “Since I carried it everywhere I think people saw that I was carrying it and

came up to me.”
The Spanish Club has also made a

significant increase in selling chocolates this year, which increased the chance of them getting to go on their field trip to Chicago. The new coming freshmen provided Spanish Club with more members which helped get more boxes sold. With more student involvement and dedication, Spanish club made up to $2,000 in profits.

“Our club has definitely grown more; we are a lot more dedicated to the club, last year we sold 50 boxes and this year we sold 60,” Ceremuga said.

After making profit from selling chocolates they are planning on using it toward a multi- day field trip to Chicago. East’s Spanish Club has been to Kansas City before, but they wanted to make it a goal to go even bigger this year. They will also be using some of the money to go on smaller field trips as well.

“We are using the money towards field trips,” Woods said. “We want to expand those field trips even further, fall of 2024 we want to go to Chicago”

Dawson, East’s Spanish club’s vice president, is encouraging others to choose World’s Finest chocolates as a fundraiser because of how much it benefited his club. Other organizations or schools can also sell chocolates.

“If any clubs or any organizations are looking for a fundraiser to make money in a small amount of time, World’s Finest Chocolates would be a good fundraiser to choose,” Dawson said.

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