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Bowling builds friendship as it grows

Addison Pithan
Rolling In. At a bowling tournament on Nov. 7, in which East com- peted, junior Rose Gallagher approaches her lane, ready to roll the ball into the pins for a strike. She described what she was thinking in the moment. “In my mind I think ‘I can get a strike, I can get a strike, I can get a strike,” Gallagher said.

Knocking down unsuspecting pins while lounging with friends, laughter and competitive spirit fill the air. There is a calming sound of the bowling ball contacting the pins at just the right angle to secure a strike for the team. This vicious pin slaughtering group is Bellevue East’s bowling team.

Unless a person eagerly wants justice for all the poor fallen pins, bowling is one of the most relaxed and inclusive sports that East has to offer, according to bowler junior Nolan Jones.

“I think the team does a nice job working with each other. It’s a real positive environment with a lot of our kids having a passion for bowling, especially the kids that have been playing for all 4 years or more,” bowling coach Kent Crossley said.

When playing with a group or on a team, lots of time is spent together, resulting in a strong relationship or connection between the players. According to Jones, friendships are made, making the experience all together more enjoyable.

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“I think that the bond is pretty strong because it’s a lot of close friends that all do it and so most of the teams, like the varsity and the jv, are separated and it’s two good friend groups,” Jones said.

Who would pass up the chance to hang out with friends and channel an inner competitive drive, especially when it counts as a school extracurricular? Bowling can be a way to boost school experience and it will look good to colleges.

“I found a lot of my love and passion through bowling and I think being able to do it in school is phenomenal,” senior Chloe Fisicaro said.

While bowling can be a competitive sport, not only at the professional level, but also at the high school level, it is also a sport that is configured to connect people. Many people bowl recreationally for the social interaction.

“I originally joined a few years ago just as something to do, but I’m staying in bowling for the people I bowl with and the chance to win state,” junior Matthew Dieterich said.

Sports are one way to boost a person’s high school portfolio. Some people play football, basket- ball, or other popular sports, but for anyone who might not be as athletic or just are not interested in those, bowling might be the best-fit sport to build this profile.

“Anyone can bowl if you have time and get into some routine with it learning all the footwork and practice at it enough you can become a great bowler,” Crossley said.

Bowling can have many benefits. It can earn students thousands of dollars in college scholarships with a commitment to play for a particular school.

“I know that Midland University and Fremont, over in Iowa and Nebraska women’s all offer bowling scholarships sometimes full scholarships, but of course, you have to be good at bowling, but you also have to be a good student,” Crossley said.

When trying something new, fear can crowd a person’s mind. With the support of a team, those negative emotions could dial down and even can result in an enjoyable time.

“My first time bowling varsity was the best. It was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. It was more fun than anything. I think it kind of an odd movement so it takes a while to get used to it,” Jones said.

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