Reviewing new restaurant Sickie’s Garage

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Cora Bennett

The “Hot Rod” is one of the many burgers that is available for purchase at Sickie’s Garage. Sickie’s is a burger joint that is new to Bellevue. They have a wide variety of food on their menu. Photo by Cora Bennett

Sickie’s Garage is a new burger joint that opened earlier this year. The new building is off of Cornhusker Rd. where the old Summer Kitchen Cafe used to be. Sickie’s currently has six locations across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and now there is one in Nebraska.

I went on a Tuesday right after school and it was not very busy at all. My party of two was seated fairly quickly, although the hosts did seem like they were a bit reluctant to take us to our seats.

It took our server about 10 minutes from the time we were seated for our server to notice and come acknowledge the fact that we were there. Later on we found out that it was actually our server’s first day out of training, so I suppose I can give her some leeway on that.

The overall atmosphere was very laid back. Workers were just wearing jeans, a T-shirt and regular everyday shoes. All the workers did have personalized name tags which I thought were a cute touch.

Also, I give them props for having a pretty diverse staff. There were multiple different races, ages, genders and sizes that I saw working while I was there.

The food overall was okay. The prices were fair, each burger seemed to be around $10. Each meal came with a side. I tried to stick to things that I know I like so that I could give it a fair rating.

I had the “Hot Rod,” which is a burger that has sliced  jalapeños, spicy mayo, buffalo sauce, and pepper jack cheese. It was surprisingly good.

My only complaint is the burger was a little over done so it was kind of tough and they couldn’t even bother to spread the buffalo sauce over the whole bun they just put a dab of it in the middle and threw it on the burger.

Other than those things, the flavor was definitely there. I chose to have fries for my side and I got the “Rusty Bucket” seasoning put on them. The seasoning really just tasted like Lawry’s. One thing that I thought was really weird was that they brought out my sister’s food a solid ten minutes before they brought out mine.

Usually whenever I go out to eat they bring everybody’s food out at the same time or within a couple seconds of each other. It kind of made the setting awkward, my sister was just there enjoying her food and I was just chillin there watching her.

The restaurant itself was very dark. They seemed to rely mostly on natural light coming in from the windows, even then it was still pretty dark. I couldn’t imagine going while it was dark outside.

It smelled like vinegar which was kind of off putting, but they had music playing which was pretty nice. I also really enjoyed the setup; you pretty much can see a window from any table which was cool.

I would recommned this restaurant to anyone and would rate Sickie’s a 3 out of 5 stars.