Stella’s raises the bar

Stella’s Bar and Grill has been around since 1936. Stella’s first started as “Francois & Sullivan,” the original building started off as a single room in the home of a couple and their four children. When they realized that the tavern was a hit, they decided to move it to a bigger location, what is now known as Stella’s Bar and Grill.

There are some students at East who’s family are still the owners of Stella’s today. This makes the environment and interaction between staff and customers feel very friendly and personal.

They soon became a very successful restaurant in the Bellevue area, known for its delicious burgers. Stella’s has been named Omaha’s Best Burger for seven years in a row. The establishment is located on Galvin Rd. Stella’s  has a large selection of food for customers to order.

They have regular burgers with just patty and bun to burgers that have lettuce, pastrami, Swiss cheese, stone ground mustard, and toasted onion buns. Aside from burgers they also have chicken and pork sandwiches, philly cheese steaks, grilled cheese and many other things.

The staff was very quick and constantly checked back with us to make sure we were still good. The only bad thing is the restaurant itself is very small and cramped. I feel like the chairs and tables were on top of each other and l felt as though I had no personal space.

Depending on the time of day there is also usually a wait, which does not help with how crowded it felt when I went there. However, I did personally go on a Friday, on a day when we did not have school, so Stella’s was especially busy.

For my party of three there was only about a 10 minute wait. After we got in and ordered it only took less than 15 minutes for our food to come out. I ordered a burger with bacon, mayo, jalapenos, and pepper jack cheese; I also got a side of Stella’s fries.

The burger was brought out on a napkin which I thought was a little weird and did not know it was a gimmick that Stella’s has so it threw me off at first. Also, the grease from the burger soaked through the napkin which was slightly irritating as it was not pleasant to feel. However, the burger made up for everything.

The burger itself was juicy and flavorful; and the toppings put it over the top. All together the patty and toppings created a mouthwatering flavor that I truly enjoyed. I normally do not like steak fries, but honestly Stella’s were not horrible. So that’s saying something. The prices are great; I got all my food for under $11.

Overall, I give Stella’s 4.5 stars out of 5. The food, service, and prices are all great; the only turnoff is the size of the restaurant itself. Otherwise, I have no other complaints with the resturant and recommend it to anyone and everyone. Unless you are a vegetarian because I cannot remember if they had a plant-based option. For my meat lovers, this is the place to dine for you.