Bellevue East says goodbye to retiring teachers By Amsley Willers

Albert takes the note card out of his shirt pocket. “I’m thinking of becoming a hitman…I hear they make a killing.” Albert tells jokes every morning to make his class laugh. But, this semester will be his last semester he can tell jokes to his clases. Alan Albert is retiring along with PK Simmons.

Next year we’ll be getting three new social studies teachers. Because we have two retiring teachers this year at Bellevue East.

Alan Albert is the psychology and AP psychology teacher at Bellevue East. He has taught world history, sociology, and economics over the past 20 years he has been teaching. He has decided to retire from teaching this year. 

“Working with the students keeps you young.” instructor Alan Albert said.

His favorite thing about teaching is working with all of his students that he has had. He has decided to retire because “he is old ” and it’s a good time to retire for him. When he leaves teaching he is going to miss a lot of things. When Albert leaves East he said that he is probably going down to Florida to a retirement community.

“Florida makes a lot of sense as a destination for retirement.” instructor Alan Albert said.

PK Simmons is a social studies, academic decathlon, and econ teacher. Simmons has been teaching at Bellevue East for 20 years. His favorite thing about teaching is academic competition.  

“The kids that are on the academic competition team and the econ challenge team because the kids that get on those teams are super motivated and hard charging they really go all out. I’m going to miss that the most.” instructor PK Simmons said.

Academic decathlon is something that Simmons is proud of because he loves when they go up against a bigger school and win. This year was the first year that the team won a state title.

When he retires he is also going to Florida but he is going to wait a year because his wife wants to teach for another year. He also said he is retiring because “he is old”. Simmons is also a retired air force. He did 20 year in the air force and 20 years of teaching.

“That’s enough .. I’m old I want to do something else for a while,” instructor PK Simmons said.

Johnathon Hutchinson is a student on the academic decathlon team who has worked with Simmons.