New faculty join East this school year

Faith Webb Entertainment Editor

East welcomed 19 staff members. This issue, three of the new staff were covered, all with different characteristics, and most importantly a love of teaching students one of which is Rob Carraher Photos by Faith Webb
Kaitlyn Keck one of 19 new teacher at bellevue east starting this year. Photos by Faith Webb

Bellevue East welcomed 19 new staff members this school year. Each issue, the Tom Tom will focus on three of the new staff members, who will share bits about themselves and their lives. This issue we focus on Robert Carraher, , Robert Carraher, Kaitlyn Keck, and Itzel Armendariz Cepeda.
Robert Carraher is the newest English teacher, specifically teaching senior English in D14. Carraher has had past teaching experience, and joined this year when the opportunity arose.
His wife, science instructor Rachel Carraher, has been working at East for 10 years and during that time got to know the building and some of its staff. Carraher even has a podcast called “The Reel Marathon Podcast” that he shares with his brother.
“In general it’s pretty similar in terms of just interactions with students. I feel like a culture to the building as such, people seem to buy in a little bit more, Carraher said. “It feels like everybody is really well respected and whoever you’re interacting with, they’re looking out for the best interest of everyone. It’s just a positive place to be and I’m quite happy that I came over here.”
Besides Carraher, another new staff member is Assitant Director Kaitlyn Keck. Keck attended The University of Missouri Kansas City, and moved to Bellevue from Joplin, Missori recently. She applied to be the assistant band director after the previous director Chuck Wright moved to a dean position. Over time, Keck has been able to connect, bond, and teach band

Itzel Armendariz Cepeda is a new staf member this year Photos by Faith Webb

students over the summer and during the official school year. Keck has 2 dogs named Hank and Henry and enjoys watching Netflix with them in her spare time.
“Being a new teacher here has been great,” Keck said. “Everyone has been very supportive. I’m looking forward to getting to know and teach so many great kids.”

Itzel Armendariz was welcomed to the C wing as a Spanish 1 and 2 teacher this year. Previously, Armendariz was a student teacher for Ashley Bender while she attended and later graduated from UNO last year.
During her time student teaching, Armendariz learned more about East and the students, later on joining staff after her graduation. Armendariz was born in Sinaloa, Mexico and moved to the U.S. later on. In her spare time she enjoys cooking and taking time to relax and be with her family.“Being a new teacher here, it feels exciting, and its a little bit nerve racking, but as I got to know the students and the school, it’s been very good to be here,” Armendariz said.