Holiday attractions around Bellevue

Faith Webb Entertainment Editor

Winter time brings holiday spirit, puffy jackets and fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, including holiday light shows and ice skating. Take time to see the Light up Bellevue display and the Christmas decor at Cabela’s. Photos by Faith Webb

Tis the season for holiday cheer, where family and friends gather round and celebrate the vast winter holidays that happen throughout December. With traditions new and old, most would say the winter season is one of the best times of the year. Throughout this season, holiday activities can really add to the excitement around these cold days filled with snow and ice.

Such lights were brought to the Bellevue area by Light Up Bellevue in Olde Towne giving the local community something to bond over. Located at 101 Mission Avenue, from 6-10 p.m. These Christmas lights put on a show. Any viewer can tune into the 19.9  radio station and watch the music line up with the changing lights, and from 5-6 p.m., they play a flash sensitive show so that everyone can enjoy these shows.

What started as a fun and innovative way to bring holiday cheer, quickly became a tradition to some families in the community to go out every night to watch the lights take show. Seeing the center in full view brings that extra whimsical feel to anyone staying to watch or just passing by. Whether being in your car or walking around the show itself, this show has been providing an inclusive entertaining activity this winter. 

During this time it’s even possible while shopping for the perfect camo outfit, you can be able to meet Father Christmas at no other place than Cabela’s. Decking the halls of these stores are neatly placed Christmas lights and other various accessories giving the store that wintery touch. Throughout December, Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop will have

free photos with Santa Claus in their assorted stores. Reservations for photos with Santa Claus can be made online through their stores to fit within anyone’s busy holiday schedule. 

With a cute holiday aesthetic filled with candy canes, artificial snow, and of course a big comfy chair, any holiday photo can hold the place of a joyful memory. Many people can reminisce on seeing Santa as a child and feeling that excitement in the air. Whether its for a hint of nostalgia or bringing a new experience to a loved one, These Cabela’s Santas are not only accessible and easier to find, but authentic and sweet with the time and care put into these experiences.

Some may consider a more physical activity to enjoy during this holiday season. This can take full form at none other than Motto Mclean Ice Arena. With a spacious and well kept indoor rink and days dedicated to families, toddlers, and even holiday skating, this arena can provide anyone a fun day skating around. Whether it’s with a group of friends, siblings, or even by yourself, ice skating during the winter break can not only keep you active but give you some time to find out if you should take up professional ice skating.

Winter time can be filled with cold days and even colder nights, but sometimes a little look at some lights, a meeting with Father Christmas, or ice skating with your friends can really make the winter season. Sometimes a little enrichment can make some of those bleacher winter days into some fond holiday memories.