MCC Days benefit all students

Charley Leon Reporter

Having a say in one’s future is what MCC (Meteropolitan Community College) Days is for. This event is hosted in the Bellevue Career Center. Once a semester, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and representatives from MCC work on preparing and starting career plans. This semester it was presented on January 19 and 20.

MCC Days are for any student, no matter if they know what they’re doing for a future career or not. This event helps students learn what they are interested in and how they can use that for their future. Getting involved with the Career Center and applying for Career Academies is a great way to figure out at least the general area students want for their future job to be. Exploring different fields and options is key for discovering exactly what a student likes.

“When a student comes not knowing what they want to do we connect them with the career center to use career tools, to get a starting point,” MCC Dual Enrollment Navigator Alyssa Wiese said.

Starting in high school helps benefit students more for their futures. It can be for any future career plans such as a trade career, getting credentials, obtaining an Associate’s Degree, or even if they just plan on getting credits to move on to a university or a 4-year college. 

“I’m looking for what I want to do, it just helps me figure out things, to basically help me find my choice for the future,” sophomore Keziah Thomas said.

Many factors go into deciding students’ careers. One of them to take into consideration when picking a job for some students is the financial aspect. MCC helps students get through that by applying for scholarships that aid them with any money problems. 

One student participating is junior Abbi Bishop, who is going into engineering. 

“I’m not really good at plugging in numbers or doing office work, I feel like I’m pretty good at art, but that wouldn’t really be a solid financial choice for me so this would be the next best thing,” Bishop.

Choosing the right career path is another way MCC Days helps tackle this. Seniors are the main focus for setting up the right path after graduation. MCC tries to find the right amount of schooling balance for each student, depending on what job they choose.

“There are other career paths for multiple jobs. Someone came to me and said they wanted to be a nurse and there are multiple ways to become that,” Wiese said.

Located inside the Career Center, there were tables with multiple students and instructors there to answer questions and help. Attendees did their own thing and it was a working atmosphere. Seniors focused on scholarships and the younger grades were looking into careers. 

 “Right now, I’m signing up for a scholarship, well trying to for my career as a dental assistant,” senior Ailani Torrens said.

There’s more than just going to a 4-year college; a career in the trades is another option for students. Careers in the trades are increasing and those are the ones that come out debt-free, textbooks covered, and get cash for bills and gas through MCC.

“Parents will tell them to go to a 4-year college, but there are other options, not saying that four years is bad, I have a 4-year degree myself,” Wiese said.