New technology class required in NE

Hayley Gassick Features Editor

Instructor Ronda Aken (pictured above) is East’s only computer science teacher. Photo by Hayley Gassick

State Senator Terrell McKinney introduced Legislative Bill 1112 that requires Nebraska public schools starting in 2026-2027 to require students to complete at least one course on computer science or technology to graduate. 

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska has the third-largest gap of unfilled technology jobs in the U.S. The current computer science teacher Ronda Aken recognizes the lack and need of tech jobs.

“The field of computer science in the job market is growing faster than any other area,” Akens said. “There are not enough college graduates in this field to fill all the available positions.”

Others also believe a computer science or technology class would be beneficial. Although, Bellevue East sophomore Evan Rotramel has a split view.

“I feel as if the class can be necessary but also pointless at the same time,” Rotramel said. “Learning how to use computers is a necessary thing for when searching for a job, it could also go the way of pointlessness because while it may teach you how to work it, they show you useless programs that most people are not going to use outside of high school.”

Financially speaking there is not yet an estimated amount of money that is going to be spent on these additional classes. Additionally it will not directly financially affect East, but will affect the district.

“It will affect the district to fund this class with teachers, programs, curriculum, etc,” Assistant Principal Nathan Bacon said. “It all depends on what class is chosen to fulfill this requirement per the law requirement and what department/teacher certification is required to teach this class per the law requirement.”

Bellevue East is already taking action to implement a course to meet the new requirement.

“We are currently working on two other courses that will meet those requirements but they will not be available until the 2024-2025 school year,” Aken said.