FBLA members qualify for nationals

Elijah Carrera Co-Editor in Chief

Last week, Bellevue East’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) attended the state competition, and came home with two national qualifiers. 

In information provided by Nebraska’s FBLA website, the State Leadership Conference held in Kearney hosted more than 1,700 students across the state. There were students attending from 131 different chapters with 34 events to compete in. Freshman Vitalia Holcomb placed in two competitions. Placing first in the Introduction to Business Procedures test and 6th in the Introduction to FBLA test.

“I was very anxious. I kept thinking my name was going to be called for the next place being announced. When I was still left in the top 3, I was just in shock, especially when they announced my name for first place.” Holcomb said.

According to statements provided by FBLA advisor Paul Hamilton, the competitors who place top 3 in any event qualify for nationals in Atlanta, and have the option to compete over the summer.

“This event attracts some of the brightest high school and middle school minds in Nebraska. It’s a state competition, just like with athletics,

National qualifiers Vitalia Holcomb (bottom) and Rose Boukal (top) directly after the awards ceremony. “I was surprised at first, which later turned to excitement heading over to the stage. I didn’t even think I had made top 8 for either test,” Holcomb said. Both competitors doubted some posibility of success. “When I got called for third I was anxious but also excited, I didn’t expect to place that well,” Boukal said.

members are competing against the best in the state. The reward is when you get to walk up on the stage at the end, and (hopefully) qualify for Nationals,” Hamilton said.

Sophomore Rose Boukal was awarded for her performance in 2 events. Receiving 3rd in a Business Law test, and receiving an honorable mention for the Economics test.

“I got third in the Business Law test and I placed 16th in Economics,” Boukal said.

Information about the tests are known in the Fall prior to the competition. Holcomb prepared for her exam by using online resources. 

“I studied beforehand with some quizlets, and used the Nebraska FBLA website to learn and use info for my tests,” Holcomb said.

Hamilton listed his expectations for his chapter during the competition. Encouraging members to try new things, push themselves in their events, and to show up with a positive attitude.

“I could not be more proud of all of our kids for the way they conducted themselves at State. Our two national qualifiers had to beat out 100s of kids to earn their spot at Nationals. Rose Boukal got 3rd out of 125 students (business law) and 16th in Econ. Vitalia Holcomb was a state champion out of 226 students (intro to business procedures). I am so happy for both of them,” Hamilton said.