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Rules, expectations impact environment

Staying safe. Displaying his emergency med-kit, junior Taegen McCormick. McCormick takes his med-kit to school everyday for safety and in case his friend get hurt. “I do happen to know some kids that don’t do very good things outside of school, so I always carry some sort of medical equipment to be prepared for if they where to do something stupid. Other then those kids, I carry it because there are a lot of fights at school it happens more than you think, and even more than I know. It’s always a good idea to carry a medkit for safety,” McCormick said. Photo by Caden Munderloh

Rules help create a positive environment where students can focus and succeed. They also teach important values like respect, responsibility, and discipline. So even though rules can sometimes feel strict, they are there to help the student body grow and thrive during their school experience.

“Students have the right to a safe and high level of education. We continue to utilize the many resources to help students be successful in their academics and reach out with concerns,” Dean of Students Taylor Schultz said.

 Schools lacking discipline can lead to a chaotic and disruptive learning environment. Without clear consequences the school can not moderate student behavior effectively. East has an infraction system in place to classify different kinds of unwanted behavior and what steps are needed to correct it. 

“Students need to understand what they did wrong and how to do it better,” instructor Delaney Woodruff said. “Sometimes teachers can negatively discipline someone and then the student doesn’t feel comfortable leading to the student to shut down and not do any work in that class. That affects how they learn a lot vs. if you were to talk to the student like they’re a human being when you’re disciplining them.” 

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Discipline plays a role in maintaining order, promoting respect for authority, and fostering an atmosphere for learning. It helps students develop self-control, responsibility, and decision-making skills. Schools that prioritize discipline create a structured environment where students can thrive academically and personally. East manages discipline by labeling it as either a minor or major infraction each coming with different levels of punishment, and if applicable, legal repercussions such as tickets and criminal charges.

“It is my personal belief that this school is overcrowded and has an ever-increasing drug problem that seems to be out of the school’s control. The drug issue appears to be seen everywhere except by the teachers and administrators. The school should really look into more effective ways to discipline to help all the issues,” senior Colin Kelly said.

Regular school attendance enables students to engage in learning experiences, participate in activities, and create meaningful connections with peers. By attending school consistently, students can stay on track with their studies, avoid missing out on lessons, and complete assignments in a timely manner. 

“If you don’t show up you just can’t learn the things that you do in class so that aspect of attendance definitely affects the student’s education, obviously there are online alternatives but I think you lose a lot in doing those than you would if you were to be in class,” Woodruff said.

Moreover, consistent attendance prepares students for future endeavors where punctuality and commitment are highly regarded. Emphasizing the significance of regular attendance helps students establish positive habits and maximize their educational opportunities. However, school attendance has become the most violated rule, becoming a more complex issue.

“Absenteeism is the most broken school rule, students struggle with understanding the importance of high school and attending on a regular basis. There is a trend nationally with attendance problems,” Schultz said 

The environment is key in the success and health of the student body. East does routine checks on how students feel about school to fix any issues and keep tabs on the student body’s impression of the school as a whole.

“Based on our school climate survey, a large majority of students feel they have an adult in this building that they can come to in a time of need or to share information,” Schultz said. “I believe students are safe from one another in school because I believe we have a good open-door policy that allows students to share concerns with us.”

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