MCC pays for class

George Sproul Opinion Editor

Are you worried your GPA is too low to qualify for a scholarship at a half decent college? Well, worry no more because Metropolitan Community College is currently hosting a scholarship where students with a GPA as low as 2.75 can qualify. This scholarship is running from now, until spring, and you can register whenever. 

Post secondary education has a significant impact on an individual’s success in adulthood. According to Southern New Hampshire University, students should consider college for several reasons.

“College is important for many reasons, including increased career stability and satisfaction, and the ability to make an impact on your community. More and more careers requiring advanced education, a college degree can be critical to your success in today’s workforce,” NHU states on their site.

Dual enrollment coordinator for MCC Alyssa Wiese said that MCC is trying to give all students with some competency an opportunity to get the support they need to succeed, especially when their academic performance and ability are not necessarily aligned. 

“The idea is in general, especially around community colleges, that grade and test scores don’t correlate to success,” Wiese said.

Because of the disconnect between performance and ability, MCC looks at students differently than 4-year institutions, and have specifically allocated funding to provide students with financial support.

“This event is new. This scholarship has been around for a bit, and will last until spring. We also have multiple other scholarships being offered students should check out,” Wiese said. 

Offering a scholarship that so many students qualify for is quite expensive. Scholarships pay for the college admission in addition to accommodation deemed necessary. These are things like housing, laptops, books, and more.

“We get money from the Board of Governors  at MCC. Money also comes from the Suzanne and Walter Scott Foundation. Lots of the money comes from public places as well,” Wiese said.

Senior Lilly Gulley is a student who has shown interest in the MCC scholarship. She explained why scholarships are important for people, and how they provide opportunities for everyone. 

“Free tuition from scholarships can help everyone, especially lower income families: It provides a good way to get education, cheaply, and other necessities for college students,” Gulley said.

Another interested student, senior Jeremiah Petersen, discussed why he chose metro to put in scholarships for, saying he appreciated the proximity and courses offered. He also touched on his process of signing up.

“I went on to the MCC site, and signed up for many scholarships I was eligible for, that I met the criteria for,” Petersen said.